Should you go Straight to College or Wait

You are planning for your future. You have chosen the college you want to attend and are about to graduate high school. Should you take a break from the school world or should you jump right in to college? Answering this question is entirely up to the individual. My own personal opinion is that everyone needs a little break. Here are some of my reasoning for why I think that a student needs a break if only a short one.

If you are graduating do you want to take a short break before heading off to college? Do you have any future summer plans with high school friends before they head off to college or what ever walk of life they are seeking. If so I suggest you take at least a summer break before heading off to college. Enjoy your summer and then buckle back down to the grind of school.

A break may also help you prepare for the road ahead of you. After all, it will be a change for you. Take a short time to enjoy a bit of fun that way you will not have that regret later in the school year when you are feeling burnt out from no break. You have worked hard to get to the school of your choice a break is a great reward!

If you are going to have a financial melt down once you get to campus, you may also want to take the summer to get a summer job. The money you earn can then be taken to college with you to help you get through the first part of your studies. A bit of extra cash never hurt when wanting to head out to the local hangout with your new found friends at campus.

If you have a wild hair, try to tame it this summer while on break. If you wait until you get to college to go hog wild you may see your grades are less than satisfactory. I understand there will be some wild nights at college but keep in mind your grades are important and you should get as much of it out of your system as you can before you get there.

Once you get to college, there are some big changes ahead for you. Determination and hard work will be a must in your schedule. You may not have the time to enjoy the things you want while at school so do as much of it as you can before you go. Take time to enjoy graduating high school then be ready to continue your education for the brightest future possible.