Should your Child take a Gap Year before College

There are definitely benefits of taking a gap year before college, particularly if you’re unsure that college is actually the best option for you. It is surely better to take a year off to consider what you want to do with your life and gain some life experience by travelling the world and volunteering or making some money than to head off to college when you’re not really sure that this is what you want. If you’re not 100 per cent committed to it you may find that your interest wanes and that you end up quitting anyway.

Taking a year out means that by the time you go to college you will have matured that little bit extra and when you’re a year older than your fellow students and have acquired more experience than them, your confidence will shine through.

When you take a year out you have an opportunity to give more consideration to what you want to do so that when you finally do get to college you will have the determination and focus to succeed in your chosen subject. You may even use your gap year to volunteer to gain some experience in a field that you think you would like to pursue as a career, so that you can tailor your education to help you along your way.

Taking a gap year also gives you an opportunity to make some money, which is obviously a positive thing if you want to avoid being bogged down by excessive debt. You can save up some money so that when you get to college you can focus on studying and enjoying yourself rather than constantly worrying about financial matters.

It can be quite a leap from high school to college and so taking a year out gives you time to prepare for the challenges ahead. If you’re not quite ready to leave home and do not yet have the motivation to study, having just spent the last thirteen or fourteen years studying, then deferring your studies for a year may not be a bad thing. Having a break can do you some good, as when you come back to learn you will have a renewed energy and sense of purpose.

However, if you feel that taking a break from studying will increase the likelihood that you just won’t bother to go to college when you really need to go to college to pursue the career you want, it may be better to get on with it, so that you don’t get distracted by all the other things life has to offer. Obviously, it all depends on the kind of person you are as to whether it is worth taking a gap year or not.