Shy Person

 A person who is shy displays a lack of confidence in him/herself. The shy person may feel very awkward in social situations and may find it hard to initiate conversations with new people. This lack of confidence in social situations can take its toll on the individual and he/she may feel the shyness isolating him/her from social situations.

Shyness can have a negative impact on a student who is in college. Shyness can cause the student to avoid social interaction and he/she misses out on college life. Here are a few coping strategies for shy students who are attending college:

 Shyness happens to be a lack of confidence in oneself and this lack of confidence damages the individuals chances of a social interaction with peers and senior staff at the institution. One needs to develop a healthy degree of self confidence to interact with individuals at the institution. Changing thinking patterns is very helpful. The shy student may have a very poor self image of him/herself. He/She may think that people will not find him/her interesting or that he/she may not know what to say to someone when trying to initiate a conversation. This type of thinking must change and the student needs to think of him/herself as an interesting person who can capture and amaze other people.

 The student needs to get out of his/her comfort zone. This means meeting new people and attending parties and other campus events on college. He/She should also put his/her name down for any coming competitions and sporting events just to see how he/she fares in these social events. Getting out there and interacting socially may make the student feel awkward at first and it may seem that everyone is watching him/her but as time goes by the shy student will start to believe in his/her social abilities and get used to interacting with different people. Over time the student will also see that other people do take an interest in him/her.

 Shy people often feel that others stare at them or make judgements about them before getting to know them well enough. This makes the shy person build a wall around him/herself and avoid any form of social interactions. It is true that the world is filled with many judgemental people who judge others by the car that they drive or the clothes that they wear, but the shy person has to get through negative judgements from others and try to attract positive people into his/her life. Negative past incidents can also condition the shy person to believe that people have negative opinions about him/her. The shy person on campus needs to put failure aside and persevere with his/her social interactions.

The shy person will have to be willing to change his/her outlook on social interactions with others. This is the first step in overcoming shyness and leading a fulfilling and happy campus life. Campus life is short and everyone should take advantage of meeting new people and getting involved in campus projects. Shyness on campus can be overcome by taking small positive steps forward and persevering despite obstacles and failures on the road to successful social interaction with other people.