Signs you have Chosen the Wrong University course

The college course selection process can be quite daunting, and it’s likely a student will end up in a wrong course over his or her college career. Be aware of the early warning signs of a wrong class, even before a course has begun. One indicator that the course is wrong for a student is that the course was not the student’s first choice, rather, he or she settled because preferred courses were full or not offered that semester. Poor course offerings are definitely a problem that may contribute to a student choosing the wrong course.

Additionally, some college courses have lower-level prerequisites that must be completed before enrollment. Check all available syllabi for required previous courses or experience prior to the start of the course. If in doubt, contact the course’s professor or a student advisor. Additionally, another sign that the student is enrolled in a wrong course is that the subject matter is of little or no interest or benefit to the students collegiate career. Most colleges recommend and require that students try take courses in multiple disciplines, however, each course should be of importance in the student’s transcript. Selecting a particular course because it is supposed to be easy or because it is in a later time slot is a sure sign that the student will end up in the wrong course.

After the semester has begun, there are other warning signs that a particular course is wrong for a student. The student may feel anxious or overwhelmed, which may result in the student attending class ill-prepared without the assigned homework completed, or the student may skip the class altogether. This anxiety should be confronted as quickly as possible to determine its cause prior to the course’s drop deadline. If the student is ill-prepared for the class at the beginning of the course, it is likely that he or she will fare no better throughout the semester without extra attention and tutoring.

As the student completes assignments and takes examinations, the students will likely receive feedback on his or her performance from the professor. This could be another indication that the student is in the wrong course. Did he or she complete the assignments? On time? Did the student understand the assignment? Did the student pass the assignment? If any of these questions are answered negatively, then it is possible the course is not right for the student. There are certainly other reasons that a student may not succeed in his or her assignments, but the wrong course selection can be the issue.

Finally, what is the student learning and taking away from the class? What can they contribute? A well-selected course will enlighten a student in a subject matter that is important to him or her. Has the student become excited about what he or she has learned? Can the student use what was learned? If answers to these questions are negative, then it very well may be that the course was wrong for the student.