Similarities between High School and College

While there are clearly many differences between high school and college, there are also many similarities. Foremost among them are the ways class instruction is held.

Most colleges have a format of instruction that is nearly identical to that which is used in most high schools. Namely, an instructor stands at the head of the class and lectures, while the students listen and take notes. Class interaction is also generally very similar in that students are encouraged to ask questions and the instructor does his or her best to supply the answers.

Also, the coursework itself is virtually identical to that which is used in high school; text books are used that describe concepts or point out dates or other facts that are deemed important, and students read their textbooks and study them because the information contained in them is usually what will be found on the tests. And that is another area where high school and college are very similar. For the most part, quizzes and tests are given to ascertain to what degree the students know and understand material that has been presented in class and in the text books. And while there isn’t generally as much homework given as student’s are expected to do so as a part of their studying, there are quite often assignments given that high school students would easily recognize, particularly those that involve research and a lot of writing.

Grading is also done in almost identical fashion as it is done in high school, though it is very seldom that you will see any grading on a curve done, at least in the four year institutions.

In addition to there being similarities between high school and college that can be found in the classroom, there are also other similarities that most students will find quite apparent in their social life. For example there is a considerable amount of dating that goes on in college, just as there is in high school and there are dances, but not the formal kind you’d find in high school. Also, there are generally cliques that develop and dissipate just as there are in high school, and athletes, especially those on the football team also get a lot more attention from everyone else, just like in high school.

And just like in high school there is a lot of studying going on, sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. And there are clubs to join and of course friendships to be made, which of course is also a lot like high school.

The fact is, there are more similarities between college and high school than there are differences.