Simple Steps to Apply for an MBA

What steps are necessary to get into a MBA program? Earning a MBA can mean larger paychecks and careers that are more lucrative. However, many undergraduate students do not know the proper steps necessary to take to get in to graduate school for an MBA. Below are the steps to earning an MBA.

Step 1: Choose Your Top 10 Schools

At the start of your junior year, review the top ten schools that you would want to attend. Five of the ten should be schools that you meet the requirements for and can afford if you have to pay for them on your own. Three of the schools should be dream schools (read Harvard, Wharton, or MIT) and two schools should be schools that you know you can get into with your GPA and projected GMAT scores.

Step 2: Schedule the GMAT

This step is very simple but important. Schedule a time to take the GMAT and make sure not to double-book yourself or schedule the test too close to other responsibilities. Leave yourself enough preparation time before the test so that you are not feeling rushed or hurried.

Step 3: Narrow your list of ten schools down to five

During this step you need to cut your list of ten schools down to five. In addition, you need to ensure that you have enough money in your bank account to pay for the application to the top five schools. In order to choose your top 5 schools, choose one school that you know you can get into, three schools that you want to go to, and one dream school.

Step 4: Study for the GMAT.

Go to your local bookstore or library and get a book that teaches you how to take the GMAT. Study, study, and study some more.

Step 5: Take the GMAT and send the results to your top five schools.

Step 6: Apply for your top five.

This will take a lot of time, so plan accordingly. You will need to secure letters of recommendations and transcripts, write essays, and fill out forms. Plan for each application process to take about a week. When you see an application deadline, apply at least a month in advance.

Step 7: Schedule interviews.

Don’t wait for the admissions counselor to call you; call them and schedule a campus visit.

Step 8: Decide from multiple offers.

Pick the school that you want to go to and enjoy the next two years of no sleep, lots of competition, and a rewarding degree to follow.

It is important to start planning early for a MBA program. The earlier you get started the greater the chances of getting into one of your top five choices.