Social Science

Social science degrees are very advantageous.  While taking the classes entailed in working towards a social science degree, a person gets a taste of all aspects of social science.  Social science encompasses a wide range of subjects, every from history to geography to psychology to sociology to anthropology, and so much more.  Social science degrees are not directed towards eventual employment in only one career or career field, but rather in many.  A person who earns a social science degree has a broad base of knowledge across many realms of social science and therefore the knowledge and skills to achieve success in many different types of jobs or career areas. 

Studying social science may be an excellent option for those people who want to pursue a higher education but are not sure specifically what their career goals or job aspirations are.  If one has a slight to moderate interest in people and society as a whole, a social science degree might just be the best route to take when selecting a program of study.  Here are some of the subjects one will encounter or might encounter when studying social sciences.




-Geography (Human, Physical) 

-History (State/Provincial, National, World) 

-Political Science



Those who have earned social science degrees are often very attractive to potential employers.  This is because they have studied a wide range of subject areas as opposed to just one.  They generally have a wide base of knowledge and the skills to be successful in many lines of work.  In general, those who have studied social sciences are seen as people who are interested in people, society, and ideas as well as understanding the past, making sense of the present, and planning for the future.  These types of thinkers can be very profitable to employers. 

The overall benefits of studying for a social science degree are many.  First of all, you are exposed to a wide range of subject areas.  Secondly, you have the opportunity to expand on your interests through studying many related subject areas, possibly some you have never heard of.  Thirdly and lastly, a social science degree is a great deal more broad than a narrow one-subject degree such as history or geography.  Employers are generally most interested in new employees who are versatile, who have a knowledge in many areas, and who have had exposure to many different subject areas.