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Joining a fraternity or sorority presents you with a range of advantages and disadvantages. These houses will indefinitely alter your college experience either for better or worse so it is important to make an informed decision before you rush in as a prospective member. Most colleges have the tendency to recruit students that have made it through their first semester, so generally speaking you will have already gained some knowledge of campus life and how your college is ran. This is good as it helps you decide whether the sorority life is really for you.

Questions you need to consider before rushing into one of these societies:

Can I afford it?

Sororities (also known as greek houses) come complete with an abundance of dues and financial obligations. Events will be organised frequently that you will be expected to put something towards, as well as paying for uniforms, house activities and the cost of renting should you live in the sorority residence. Unless you have the bank account to manage these costs, you should seriously reconsider joining a society of this nature as ultimately your studies and necessities should be priority.

Is it for me?

If you’re a particularly anti-social person, that doesn’t enjoy large gatherings and partying; then this life is not for you. Sororities and fraternities, whilst open to many diverse individuals, are rife with social events, parties and nights out. If this is not the kind of activity you like to indulge in and you find yourself happier with a smaller friendship group, you’d likely be happier elsewhere.

Will it reflect badly on me?

In some circumstances, yes. Not all societies are the same. Some will be renowned for drunken and illicit antics whereas others may be more straight-edge and reputed. If you are worried about your sorority of choice effecting your future careers and reputation ensure that you do your research thoroughly before committing to anything.

Do I have the time?

You may not realise it but most of these houses will demand a great deal of your time and contribution. You’ll be expected to attend all natures of social gatherings and events, as well as help organise these on occasion. This is a great investment of time and money and you should evaluate if you have time to allocate to these before seeking recruitment.

Is it worth it?

This question cannot be answered in any simple terms. Each house will offer something different and whether it is worth the funds and time spent depends entirely on what you get out of it as an individual. Most people will find they make fantastic friends for a lifetime, have an incomparable college experience and get to try new things.

College is all about new experiences and being open-minded. If you find yourself interested in joining a fraternity or sorority it is certainly not to be discouraged, providing that you have thought through all of the above in great detail before committing to anything.