Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a chance to put aside the incredible stress of being a college student and let loose for a week of adventure. Guys have many options for great destinations that will give them memories that will last for a lifetime. The top ideas for these trips are towns like Las Vegas or New Orleans, beaches crowded with other college students, and adventures in the wilderness.

Las Vegas, New Orleans, Shreveport, Atlantic City, and all sorts of other cities known for wild times can be an obvious choice for college guys looking to have a good time. They offer great bars, great food, great scenery, and great times. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City offer endless places to gamble, something that most college guys will want to try at least once. These places also offer exciting shows and people unlike anyone you will meet outside of these festive places. College guys can also have a blast in foreign cities such as Munich, London, or Dublin, although it will end up costing significantly more.

Beaches are another great option for guys to make a spring break excursion to. They are a great excuse for soaking up some sun, drinking some cold beers, and maybe even doing a little bit of surfing here and there. Not only can they have fun with their friends, but there are likely going to be thousands of other college students there, allowing them to join in a huge party that spans not only the beach but the town’s bars as well. Guys are also very open to the idea of going to a place where girls will flock to wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis, but that generally goes without needing to be said.

A trip into the wilderness is a great choice for spring break for any group of guys who love the outdoors. The possibilities here are endless. They can canoe, kayak, climb mountains, fish, hunt, backpack, or just set up camp and enjoy some time in the woods with their best buddies. This option allows for the most bonding time, making it a popular choice for groups of guys who want to make lasting memories together while they are still in school. (Or guys who want to bring their girlfriends along.) Some people may come back from spring break with pictures of them at Caesar’s Palace or Destin having a great time, but the guys who come back with pictures of bald eagles and elk are sure to get to tell lots of exciting stories that will leave their friends envious.

These destinations are the most appealing for spring break. Other options like going home with the girlfriend may end up being fun, but guys typically enjoy these activities the most. Whatever you do just do not end up going home. You will probably wind up wanting the break to be over once you figure out how lame your hometown is.