Stalking in College

College is generally an exciting time, filled with learning, parties, and friends. Occasionally though, college can be a dangerous experience for anyone dealing with a stalker. It may be an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, a classmate who has an obsession with them, or just a random stranger. If dealt with in the wrong way stalking can turn into violence and the loss of the victim’s life. However stalking can be dealt with and eliminated if you handle it in a responsible manner.

The first thing you should do if you suspect you are being stalked is to report it to authorities. Calling the campus police or reporting any incidents to university officials with details of the occurrences leads to the incidents actually being documented. Not only will the incidents be documented, but the accused stalker will also be spoken to by the university police and warned of what can happen if their behavior continues. Remember that there is a fine line between stalking and someone just not understanding that you are not into them. If they call too often or run into you wanting to talk to you then it may be entirely harmless. Do not report something unless you are actually feeling threatened.

Next you should find a friend to walk with you on campus. Preferably this would be a large male who looks like they have been trained in mixed martial arts. Calling the campus escort services is also a viable option, and often times this means getting an escort from an armed police officer. If you are still being stalked then these things are very likely to deter your stalker from acting on anything. Do not go places alone, and keep an eye out for the person giving you problems.

If it still continues then you should probably file a restraining order. This will result in them not legally being able to come within a certain distance from you. Breaking this court order will result in them facing criminal prosecution. Granted, this is very strong step, but if you have told someone to stay away from you and they refuse to then your safety is probably at risk. People will have to have a serious problem if they will break a restraining order to continue harassing you, so it would be in your best interest to use this option to your advantage if you have nothing else that will stop them.

Stalking is a potentially dangerous thing that you must act on before your life it in serious peril. By keeping these things in mind and acting on them as needed you can make sure that your college experience remains a positive one.