Standardized Tests are Ruining Education

In 2001, the United States Congress was under the impression they had fixed the entire educational system with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. However, looking back on 2001 from 2009, it has become ever more apparent that the so called fix, has instead become a burden. One of the fundamental flaws with the No Child Left Behind Act, is that funding for the nations schools from the federal government was affixed on top of standardized testing scores. Because of this, schools have focused all of their resources on material that is on the standardized tests, and have accidentally severed funding from programs like fine arts and sports. When all is said and done, the likely conclusion will be that standardized tests have destroyed public education because they have eradicated cultural activities, and because the mandates in standardized testing are unrealistic.

To the dismay of students, parents and teachers alike, standardized tests have abolished the classes that are associated with the development of culture. Unfortunately, programs that deal with Fine Arts, History and Sports, have seen major roll backs. The problem here, is that classes like Fine Arts and History are key components to the development of culture and understanding of how the world works. Without classes that deal with these extremely important topics, it is likely that the cultural dominence of the United States, will weaken dramatically in the near future. Standardized Tests have taken resource out of classes that promote cultural superiority and have placed those resources into classes that deal with common material. Standardized Tests are not only ruining the American Public Education system, they are also ruining the hegemonic power of the United States.

Standardized Tests have nasty little mandates in them, that are unfortunately unrealistic and also potentially devastating to schools nationwide. Inside the No Child Left Behind Act, there exists a clause that is known as the “100% cooperation clause”, which basically mandates 100% of the class passes the standardized test by 2010 or else funding will be withdrawn. The rather obvious flaw with that mandate, is that not every single kid will pass the standardized test. If just one kid fails the test in 2010, the schools funding from the federal government will completely vanish. This standard will be the death of every educational facility and institution across the United States, and if the federal government had any sense left in it, they would repeal that specific sanction.

Standardized testing is going to lead to the downfall of public education system in the United States. These schools have become rather reliant on the funding from the federal government, and without the aforementioned funding, many of the educational institutions will collapse. Clearly, the diminishing cultural experience of education, and the unrealistic demands of the federal government, highlight what is wrong with the standardized tests.