Standarized Testing Harvard Education Universities Intelligence Ohio

THE ROAD TO HARVARD: Standarized tests are a just and ojective way for any student in our country to get the best education they can. High Schools vary tremendously in the USA and some of the brightest young men and women would not have a chance to to to Harvard or any other top schools if we did not have standarized tests which are good for the university and most of all for the student. Our universities are the top universities of the world.

A little boy was two years old and lived in a middle class neighborhood in northeastern Ohio but he was already speaking so well not only in one language but two, English and Italian. He was also able to sing many Italian songs by memory. It was the sixties. The neighborhood was full of new houses, immaculate, and safe but parents had to work hard to maintain their lifestyle but everyone was happy working and enjoying the family in the evenings and on their days off.

The boy had a brother and a sister and plenty of kids to play in the neighborhood. He loved to play like any other child but when he started school in the brand new school in his neighborhood, the teachers began to notice how he excelled. He was shy and did not seek attention but very respectful. The school was an open space school like a big hall and was known in Ohio to have the best curriculum and also innovative methods in education. The principal was known to be a top educator in Ohio.

His parents were very intelligent but did not attend a university. They did have well educated people in their families. Both valued education and not only wanted their son and the other boy and girl to go to college but to the best universities.

It was standarized tests that showed how very intelligent this student was as well as other students who scored high. He continued to excel in elementary, junior high, and high school. In the junior year he took the SAT and ACT and scored one of the highest not only in his highschool but in the county, state, and nation.

He lived a normal life as a little boy and throughout school. Sometimes they went on vacation but most of the time he was with family, extended family, and friends. His parents wanted him to be exposed to the Italian Language and Culture so when he was ten, he flew to Rome by himself and spend the summer with his uncle and his family. His father went there for part of the summer. When he returned to Ohio, he had mastered the language and culture in a couple of months. People were always amazed at his attention to and memory of details but it was commonplace since his father had that too. In 1982 the whole family went to Italy again and Gerardo knew the Italian and was exposed to so much Italy had to offer.

When his father saw the scores he had in SAT and ACT and consulted with the counselor, he knew that his dream for his son was going to become a reality. Of course his grades also matched his abilities. He applied to the ten top schools in the US and was accepted to all but he chose to do his undergraduate in Ohio. Money was not an obstacle in any way since all the schools offered him a full ride.

He was an honor student in his undergraduate and continued to excell but he was a well rounded young man and enjoyed all university life offered. Again, he applied to the ten top schools in the country and was accepted to all of them.

His father told him to choose three and fly to visit them so he did. It was very difficult since he absolutely loved each one of them. One of these three top universities was HARVARD.
He waited for about a week and chose Harvard. He was pleased and so was Harvard.

When all the application procedures were completed he went for a few days to Harvard again for orientation. He was to start in the fall and everything was set. It was at this time that his father told him that the dream he had, had become true. HE WANTED HIS SON TO GO TO HARVARD but he wanted it to be the decision of his son and so it was.

When he arrived at Harvard he was the happiest in his life because it was there that he utilized his abilities and was challenged. There he met so many young men and women like himself who had come from different roads but all arrived at a place where they belonged and would be able use the intelligence GOD had given them. This was HOME.

His four years there were the BEST YEARS OF HIS LIFE. Most of the time he flew home for vacations but sometimes he would go with his friends. His parents, the extended family, neighbors, and friends all knew that Harvard was where he belonged. When he came home though, he was just one of the neighborhood guys.

The graduation ceremony was the happiest moment in his father’s life. When the family returned home, everyone was so very proud of him and all celebrated. With standarized testing he was not only able to follow the road to Harvard but also to graduate from HARVARD.