Staying Safe at College

College life can be great fun, but it can also be very intimidating, there is so much going on all the time and you are experiencing so many new things that staying safe sometimes gets put on the back burner. But if you want to fully experience and really enjoy college life then staying safe is essential.

The most important thing to remember when you are at college is that most people are there for the same reason that you are, to learn, experience new things and have fun. Not everyone is going to be sinister so you do not need to be paranoid; you just need to be aware.

Self defence classes are a great way to give you the knowledge and power you need to defend yourself. They will also give you a great deal of confidence because you will know that whatever the situation, you can deal with it. Check out your local area for self defence classes.

Always remember that you have the right to leave any situation that is making you uncomfortable. You are the best judge of what you think is safe, if you think a situation is becoming dangerous then you need to remove yourself from it as quickly as possible, prevention, in this instance really is better than cure.

Drinking can be a regular part of college life, and whilst having a drink with friends at a party is one thing, getting so drunk you put yourself in danger is quite another. Getting so drunk that you pass out will leave you open to everyone that is willing to take advantage of you in every sense. If you begin to feel too drunk then stop drinking, it is the only way the feelings will go away, stay with someone you know until you feel sober again. Alternate between a soft drink and an alcoholic drink, you will still have a great time and feel the effects, but you will not put yourself in danger of you are sensible.

Drugs are another part of college life and they are also incredibly dangerous, they can alter your state of consciousness, leaving you vulnerable and causing you to do things that you would never normally do. Drugs should really be avoided at all costs, because not only are they dangerous, they are also illegal.

Having fun at college can be fantastic, but like anywhere in the world there are dangers, dangerous things and dangerous people. Being sensible and smart are the only ways to avoid these dangers.