Steps to take if you want to Return to College

What is stopping you from attending a college, University or trade school as an adult? Is it finances, time, family responsibilities? Making a decision to get degree or a skill shouldn’t be a dreaded thing but something that is celebrated and reachable.

Finances can be a scary thing when you think about attending a college or trade school as an adult. A four year degree runs between $30,000-$40,000.00. To be honest many people today spend between $21,000-$30,000 on new cars. Which investment would be better, a degree that no one can take away from you, increases your value to employers and opens doors to better paying jobs with benefits or a new car that decreases in value the moment you drive it off the local car lot? Of course the degree when you put things into perspective, but at first the numbers seem overwhelming.

Where will you get the money is likely one of the first questions that comes to mind when considering furthering your education? If your lucky you have an employer that will pay a percentage of your education but if your not there are scholarships, and financial aid available to most working adults. To receive more information about the financial aid, the school counselor can walk you through the options but you can also go to the website for government funding. That website address is: This website will walk you through what you will need before filling out the forms, eligibility and deadlines for submitting.

If it isn’t finances that are holding you back, is it time? Time management is definitely something that will bring on new meaning once you begin your education endeavor. To put yourself in a better place mentally to handle these additional responsibilities of classes, studying and taking test you will need to make a responsibility cheat sheet. Write down the days of the week, what you have to do generally each day and figure out the best possible times to attend classes and when you will have the easiest time studying or doing projects. It sounds simple but it really does help to get organized and ready to take on new tasks.

Also with time, let your friends and family know you have decided to further your education and what days/nights you won’t be available. If you let them know they will be more supportive of your needs and will refrain from calling or visiting during those times. Communication is key to all relationships and the more you share with friends and family about your new goals the more they will be able to support you and help hold you accountable.

Covering finances and time management leads us to family responsibilities. Most adults returning to school have families that may or may not include children. If they include children remember that setting an education goal is a way of letting them know how important education is at any age. It will also show them that even though you are older, it is never to late to pursue a goal and accomplish it. Children can be a source of inspiration when deciding to challenge yourself with new goals. With children watching who wants to let them down, so it will encourage you to attend classes on a regular basis and study harder.

Now is the time to do the research, get the priorities in order, submit the forms and sign up for a better future with an education that no one can take away or reduce in value.