Strategies to Avoid Procrastinating on College Term Papers

Strategies to avoid procrastinating on college term papers are important. There are many ways to procrastinate in college that will lend you into trouble. Procrastinate on college term papers, and you may have to repeat the course. You do not want to waste your time or money on repeating college, do you?

Understand too, that procrastination can take place anytime, not just at the start of the paper. You may begin well, but get stuck somewhere along the way.

Proven strategies to avoid procrastinating on college term papers and ensure well-written papers to hand in include all of these:

* Go where you study best.

For some, it is the library. For others, it is the cubicle in the restroom of the library. Wherever you go, make sure you do not have friends that will distract, or friends that you will distract. You are there to write your term paper, not have a party. 

* Minimize the gadgets you bring to study time.

Keep your hand phones, broadband connection gadget, and game consoles away when you have your study time. In the like manner, avoid all distractions. Have a healthy light meal that will not cause you to fall asleep, bring a bottle of water along to sip, and make sure you do not place yourself in a posture conducive for sleep. 

*  Have the relevant materials with you.

Make sure your stationery case is well equipped so that you do not need to go get something in the midst of your work. When you are beginning a term paper, having lots of books around you may confuse, not help. The basic references will suffice.

* Begin with a draft.

A term paper of 10 000 words can sound intimidating. Have outlines of your papers written first, with section headings on separate sheets that you can move around, as if you are writing a book. As and when you chance on relevant content to add to your papers, write it under the relevant section headings in points rather than in prose. Sub-headings with few points are those you may need to research.

* Plan your timeline well in advance.

Do not plan up to the due date. However, do not brainwash yourself to think that you have buffer time. Tell yourself, rather, that the extra time is for more rounds of final checking.

* Pace out the workload.

Be aware of all the due dates for your college term papers. Understand that you will probably not be able to complete a term paper before moving on to the next, but have to work on a few simultaneously.

* Use concept planners such as mind mapping software.

An alternative to draft books is mind mapping software such as SmartDraw, where you can create relevant presentations, charts, diagrams, and data graphs for your term paper in the same software. Having draft books is important though because computers may fail you at times, and you may run out of battery life while on the road.

* Use reliable methods to store your term papers.

Save up the drafts and store them on emails or secure online systems, on your computer or portable hard drives, and in a clearly marked diskette every time you work on them. Chances are that your computer or Internet systems will fail you at the most crucial hour.

If you use special software for your term papers, make sure the software is available for your use on another compatible computer system. You do not want to have to deal with hardware, software and paper content problems all within the last hours.

Have your versions clearly marked and dated. In the last hour rush, you may submit the wrong version, if you are required to make onlinesubmissions.

* Have a support group.

A support group consists of people who will be there for you to pour out your sorrows and anxieties. They must be level-headed folks who will not break down with you but will give you the firm shoulder to lean on. They could be your church care group leader, your college mentor or counselor, and even your parents or an older relative who has been through college recently and is in touch with present college pressures.

Your support group could even be people who will help you print and bind your term paper while you work on another, do your laundry and take care of your daily needs. These people will ensure that you are able to function at the most crucial hours, and that you will be able to fight it out to the end.

* Have a reliable pacer who is not from your study group.

A pacer is one who knows your timeline and offer you advice and reminders to keep up with your work. He should not be judgmental but someone you will listen to and obey. He will send you timely reminders through various means to keep up with your schedules, and to remind you that you need to work towards passing out of college successfully or risk having wasted your time, money and effort over the years in college. If you have special needs such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or Dyslexia, a reliable pacer is a definite way to success.

* Have a study group.

A study group ensures that you keep up on your reading and understanding of your content for the term papers you have to write. Select members of your study group with care. If you go with certain people, you may not be part of the most popular college groups, but you will be more certain of a college degree at the end of it all.

* Plan your rewards.

Everybody needs a break. Have a planned celebration when you complete a portion of your term paper. It could be a television show, a chat with your family over the Internet, a swim or a movie. Little rewards will motivate you to keep on schedule and release built-up tension.

Your college degree is worth every effort you put in. Put aside procrastination, be proactive, and you will enjoy college life, even conquering the due dates of your college term papers. In the long run, you are preparing for the more demanding work life that you will face as working adults. Succeed in college, and you are likely to succeed in life.