Stripper Working for a Phd

If you are reading this article right now, then the answer is no. Google does not have the answer to the question of what should you do with your life. Unless, however, you are independently wealthy and have nothing better to do with your time and are not bound by any other obligations whatsoever. If you need to consider whether or not you should pursue a PhD, then you must ask yourself why it is that you would take that route. If you qualify for a PhD program and have not yet figured that out, then you don’t deserve a PhD.

All that a PhD really proves is that you know how to do research. After legitimately retaining those three letters after your name, you may qualify for grants that will allow you to do research. At which point, you will be required to produce either a desired result for the institution that offers you the research grant, or sell your own research proposal to an entity that will just hand over the capital (assuming that you are worthy). Unless, of course, you consider yourself a lifetime student or a self-proclaimed academic that can identify all of the atrocities of the world but never actually participate in reconciling them. If your desire is to be a university professor, then by all means, do it. There are many online universities that will employ you as long as you have those revered letters after your name.

Individuals that have the means are faced with two possible scenarios when considering a PhD. They can either pursue it with absolutely no obstacles in their way, or they can be talked out of it for various reasons, including, but not limited to; ability to pay back student loans, or the inherent lack of responsibility that will eventually be bestowed upon them after they finish. The idea that the high cost of education is an investment in an individual’s future is fleeting. Case in point; you can find many intelligent individuals holding the designation of PhD working jobs that do not even afford them the ability to pay back the student loans that they amassed. Ask a recent graduate from law school what they are doing now. They will probably tell you that because they could not find a job that they intend to get involved with local politics.

If you are reading this article and have a legitimate opportunity to earn a PhD, you either have too much money and are just delaying the ultimate reality that awaits you, you are bragging that you have a means to do it and are shoving it into everyone else’s face, or you are a stripper pretending that you are pre-med and that you are actually going to do something with your life once you get off of the pole.