Student Life at Bowling Green State University

One of my best friends is attending Bowling Green State University. Although she hasn’t been there very long, she has told me plenty of stories about student life at Bowling Green State University. The short end of the deal is that student life at Bowling Green State University is very similar to student life at any other college in the state of Ohio. However, I will share some of what she has told me for prospective students.

Although Bowling Green State University is known for its drinking and its partying, the school has very good academics. The school is known for partying and drinking because many kids like to do these things there. More so though, the kids are not really stopped. The campus police system doesn’t really work hard to catch underage drinkers so it is more acceptable here than other places. I would imagine though that many other college campuses have this problem.

The environment is very laid-back. People are not overly concerned about classes. I have heard that they have a very good nursing program that is fairly competitive however. The nursing program is very well-run and is of good, sound academic quality. It works very well as well. The nursing program is just one of the good programs as my cousin is also in another one of Bowling Green State University’s best programs. He is working on doing business management with sports.

Student life at Bowling Green State University can be very fun because of all of the things that they have. They have an ice arena, university bookstore, 18-hole golf course, 20 intramural programs and various sporting events. Bowling Green State University is a wonderful university and many people have a lot of fun there. It is a great place to live and a great place to be. Many students live in dorms their first year and occasionally their second year at the university. However, many live on their own their third as well as fourth years at Bowling Green State University.

I hope that this article has helped you tremendously in finding out what student life is actually like at Bowling Green State University. It is a lot of fun and I am sure that anyone who goes there will have a great time. With the large amounts of activities and random parities, Bowling Green State University may be the place for you. Have fun if you are going there and visit even if you are not.