Student Visa UK how t Apply for a Student Visa in UK

With the more than 30,000 universities and colleges in the United Kingdom today, anyone who will be granted with a student visa UK will surely be as delighted and excited as the now thousands of professionals in the country. These colleges and universities in London are offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses that have world-class quality standards. You can study in UK by completing all the requirements required by the UK immigration law.

The UK Border Agency is the government body that is in-charge of screening the Student Visa UK applicants from all over the world. By understanding the requirements of the UK student Visa, more specifically the Tier 4 child and adult student visas, you will then receive your probably first ever British Visa that is absolutely free of any hassle and delay.

The Primary Requirements of the UK Border Agency for Student Applicants

The first requirement of the UK Border Agency to the Student Visa UK applicants is the proof of acceptance from the universities and colleges in London. Therefore, they will need to first inquire and apply to a London university for the specific course that they want to take. Most universities, as a major requirement, are assessing the qualification of the applicant’s former school’s education system standard in his country against the standard of the UK education system. This is being done with the assistance of the National Academic Recognition Admission Center, the department in-charge of handling and monitoring this qualification process.

An admission exam will also be given to the aspiring student applicants. The university will determine if the student is able to meet the curriculum requirements. The management will assess the personal background of the applicant and will also conduct pre-counseling activities. This is to ensure that the student will be 100% prepared in facing the UK student’s way of life ahead of him. International students are all mandated to undergo this basic qualification procedure required by the UK Border Agency.

The Two Types of Student Visa UK

There are two types of UK student visa available for people who want to study in UK. These are the Tier 4 Student Adult Visa and the Tier 4 Student Child Visa. After successfully passing in the qualification requirements of an accredited school institution, the students will be required to present to the UK Border Agency the enrollment offer of these universities and colleges in UK where they want to study. This is just step one of the entire UK visa application process for students. The students will be required to present evidences that they can fund the entire length of their study. Application fees will then be collected after all the requirements are verified valid and acceptable.

Other Requirements and Guide for Application

There is an appropriate standard Tier 4 Student Visa processing time and costs from the UK Border Agency website that will serve as your guide during the application. The total UK visa application cost around $2000 to $3000 while the processing time can last from a minimum of 1 week up to 16 weeks. Application forms are available from the UK Border Agency main office and it can also be downloaded from their main website.

For the Tier 4 Student Child Visa, the primary requirements are almost the same with the adult visa. Student Visa UK applicants that are between 4 to 17 years old only need a written consent from their parents or guardians for their travels, receptions and care arrangements when they’re going to migrate and study in UK.

How Much Fund is needed when you Study in UK Today?

Given that the student applicant is already complete with all the requirements set by the UK Border Agency for UK student visa, they should together with their parents discuss well matters concerning their future life in London. They need to talk about the tuition fees, the cost of living allowance, the student accommodation and any future plan of finding a work while studying in UK. These are very important aspects that need to be fully settled in order for the student not to be affected with any financial issues and pressures from lack of family support. The amount of tuition fee depends on the university, the length of the course and the level of the course being taken. £8,000 per year is the average tuition fee at the universities in London.

There also several factors that could affect your daily expenses while studying in the colleges in UK. One of them is the location of the city where you live to where the cost of foods, transportation, and basic necessities slightly varies from other cities. The holders of the Student Visa UK are, however, permitted to find a part-time job and so this would somehow become a sigh of relief for them for their daily expenses.

There are thousands of discounted seminars, book rentals, student travels and even free entrances on museums and art galleries in UK. Grabbing these privileges will also help the students to cut their expenses. In general, £800 to £1,000 is sufficient enough to live in UK as a student. About £400 of this will be spent on accommodations. You have to make it sure that finding for a studio flat, a penthouse, or an apartment must be done several months in advance before you travel and study in UK.

Working While Studying at the Universities and Colleges in UK

A student Visa UK holder is entitled to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during term periods. This privilege is, however, not the same with the entitlements of a UK working visa. But the salary is good enough for a student who is working while studying. There are actually thousands of job opportunities that are waiting for the students in UK.

Online job employment agencies are also there to give student freelance jobs. During vacation periods, student adult visa holders are permitted to work in full-time. They can apply for summer jobs, Christmas work and catering services. Again, the internet is full of freelance jobs such as programming, writing, answering paid surveys, home-based sales agent, and online tutorial jobs.

After graduation, there are more jobs that are waiting for the successful students. They can then apply for the post study work visa and the Tier 1 general visa. These UK visas can be the start of finding a permanent work in UK.

The Benefits of Studying at the United Kingdom

The education system of UK is one of the best in the world. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses are being taught by world-class professors and instructors. The facilities, environment and lifestyle in the colleges and universities are truly very rewarding. There are scholarship programs, training programs, and school-sponsored seminars and social events. After graduation, top-ranked companies are there to immediately hire the graduates into the jobs with very competitive salary.

The University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Imperial College London are just some of the top universities in UK. There are 100 plus more universities in UK that are offering the best of the bachelors, masters, MBAs and PhDs courses. Your aim of getting a high quality education can be made possible if you apply today for a Student Visa UK.