Students not Graduating on Time

No student wants to fall behind with their studies, especially when it means they won’t be able to graduate at the same time as their friends and will have to put their career plans on hold. However, many students encounter challenges that make it impossible for them to finish school on time, so that they have to adjust their plans accordingly. It may be that they perform poorly in their exams or coursework, or they fall ill and do not complete their work on time, or they cannot find the right balance between their work and studies.

It can be extremely frustrating for students who are unable to finish school on time due to the fact they failed their exams, especially when they are in the final year. They might have made plans to continue their education or to pursue a particular career and find that they have to put their plans on hold until they can retake their exams or redo their coursework or dissertation. Many students will struggle to motivate themselves when their friends have already managed to pass their exams and will be graduating and they have to go through the whole exam process once again. Some who fail their exams may not even bother to retake them as a result.

For others, it is not exam failure which makes it difficult to finish school on time, but rather the likelihood that they will fail because they spend so much time working. Whilst some students do not achieve academic success because of the emphasis they place on socialising, for others, it is more a case of not being able to find the balance between work and studying. It isn’t cheap to go to college or university and so many students have no option but to work. Unfortunately, the more hours they spend working, the fewer hours they have to attend lectures and to complete essays and revise for exams.

There are a range of issues which can interfere with an undergraduate’s ability to finish school on time, from health problems to relationship troubles to a death in the family. Sometimes, an undergraduate’s studies have to take a back seat as they are forced to deal with other issues in their life that must take priority and make it impossible for them to concentrate on their studies, anyway. On the other hand, there are occasions when students make the wrong decisions and are forced to re-evaluate their priorities. If they choose an unsuitable course, for instance, they may have to spend longer studying than they initially intended.

Although failing to finish school on time is hardly ideal, it is a situation that many students find themselves in. Finishing late is not really the problem, though; it is not finishing at all which harms an individual’s chances in life.