Study Guide for the Cbest Test

In order to earn a California teacher credential, it is imperative to take and pass the CBEST test. It is not possible to teach at any level in this state, be it elementary, middle, or high school level, without having first passed the CBEST, which is why CBEST study guides are important. CBEST preparation includes basic skills in mathematics, reading and writing. The one relief about the CBEST is that it will not be as detailed as many of the exams you would have taken in order to earn your professional degree.

Be prepared for the CBEST test.

This does not mean that preparation is not important. In fact, being prepared for any major exam on which your professional future lies is crucial to success and using the right CBEST study guide is crucial. Understanding the best strategies to prepare is vital.

Know how the CBEST is scored. The first step to CBEST prep being prepared is to understand how the exam is scored. There are three sections to the exam: The Reading Test, The Writing Test, and The Mathematics Test. Each section is scored between 20 and 80. The minimum score to pass the CBEST is 123. The minimum score on any one section to pass is 37, so it is possible to pass the test by only scoring a 37 or higher on one section, as long as the total score is at least 123.

Concentrate on your strengths with the right CBEST study guides.

What does this mean? It means that you do not need to be an expert in all three areas of study in order to pass. If your strength is writing and reading comprehension, and you have always had trouble with mathematics, then you do not need to feel as though you have to score perfectly on the math part of the exam. Instead, use CBEST study guides so that you are comfortable with the basic questions, if time is pressing.

CBEST prep techniques and strategies to keep in mind.

CBEST preparation also requires the use of memorization techniques to help you recall different information. This can be especially useful for CBEST preparation in the mathematics portion of the exam if you are not strong in math. One particular CBEST preparation technique found in a CBEST study guide is the use of acrostics, a technique where you create a short phrase to help you recall a principle, which is ideal. In math, this could be the concept of ‘Multiply and Divide before Adding and Subtracting.’ If you create an acrostic such as My Daughter Always Smiles to help you remember this principle, you will see that the letters M-D-A-S are the key.

There are other CBEST preparation techniques as well, including the use of flash cards. Some CBEST study guides advocate the use of flash cards because they can be useful for helping to memorize any number of items, from math to grammar rules and structure. These flash cards can be used while you wait on line at the supermarket, while sitting on your lunch break, or even relaxing at home after a long day of work. Flash cards are small and convenient to carry around. Look for CBEST study guides that include the use of flash cards to help with your CBEST preparation.

When you are taking the actual exam, answer the questions you know without hesitation first. For questions that give you pause or cause you some hesitation, use the process of elimination. With multiple-choice questions, there will always be answer choices that are obviously wrong. Cross these off right from the start. If a question has five choices, you often immediately reduce it to three, and sometimes two.

Preparation is the key to CBEST test success!

A quality CBEST study guide will cover this in more detail, but whenever you eliminate the obvious wrong answers, you improve your score. With these strategies and the right CBEST study guide, you will improve your chances of success at passing the CBEST and begin working in the wonderful world of education.