Studying for the Lsat

This is an article on how to study for the LSAT. The law school admission test is required to gain entry into law school. To start off, I am assuming you understand one first needs at least a bachelor’s degree to gain entry into law school, but one can take the test anytime in one’s life even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree yet.

That being said, let’s get started. Studying for the LSAT is a long and sometimes tiresome task to say the least. Be prepared to spend a good three to four months of prep time. I would suggest that one find a quiet place to do this. I myself chose my public library and sat in a quiet place. The second thing one is going to need is prep material. Books, practice tests, a good notebook or your laptop, pencils, eraser and Internet access, o yea, and money to buy these things.

There are some good places to get your study material; on the Internet there are places like Amazon, LSAC, where you can actually get a free practice test to download, and even some law forums where people are selling their old stuff.

Ok, there is debate as to what are the best books to get; the majority of people seem to lean towards the Power Score Bibles. This is a test prep company that has books for all three sections of the test. I would recommend getting their Logic Reasoning Bible and their Logic Games Bible. Their Reading comp book in my opinion is unnecessary as if you have the practice tests, there is sufficient material to tweak your reading comp. They do have a website, just google Power Score bibles and it will pop up. There you can purchase them direct or, like I said before, you can go to a law forum and ask around if anyone is selling theirs, and I am sure you will find tons of people selling.

How much time should one study? This is yet another great debate people have. Some people may say they only spent a few hours a week, and others may say they spend a few hours a day. I guess it is up to the individuals learning style. But I would recommend at least 25 hours a week. I myself spent as much time as it took to get it down. Getting it down I believe is two fold. First, understanding the material, and second, getting it down with speed. The LSAT is a timed test.

I would recommend spending a good month trying to learn each section, or if you are faster, then go for it. By your last month, you should be doing practice tests under timed conditions. This is extremely important, and I would go so far as to say if you can’t finish a section in the allotted time, then I would postpone your test and take it at a later date until you can succeed at this task. When starting out though, don’t worry about timing yourself. I would not move on to timing yourself until you are comfortable with the material. I mean what’s the point of timing yourself if you don’t know the material, don’t fool yourself please. This test is very unforgiving.

So that’s basically how to study for the LSAT in a nutshell. The soft factors, as I would like to call it, studying for this test are plentiful. You must factor in the social aspects as well as the emotional aspects of this test. If you are going to study for this test, be prepared and be serious about it. I myself let everyone know what I was doing and it was hard. My friends wanted to still do things with me and my loved ones still wanted my attention. I had to be firm and tell them most of the time they demanded my attention that I couldn’t give it to them. If they are nice and kind, they will understand, if they are not, then they aren’t worth it. This test is a big factor in what school you are going to get into. Well good luck and be strong, it will be over sooner than you know and you will be glad you studied so hard.