Success Stories from Community College Students

While attending a community college in my hometown, I was surrounded by an atmosphere of dedicated professors and students who were very promotive. They continued providing a valuable education for me, while students do what they can to obtain a degree. Friendliness was widespread at the college, as well as hard work and effort that were created by students and instructors.

Back in 2004, I decided to attend Ivy Tech Community College so I can get a jump-start to the future four-year university I’m studying in now. I wanted credits that transfer and an affordable tuition. Prior to signing up for classes, I participated in a student orientation, which is a meeting where newcomers grab an overview of what Ivy Tech had to offer for them. Financial aid, counseling services, and selecting a major of study are just a few examples of what were introduced during the session.

After that, with the help of my academic advisor, I selected the courses I was interested in attending. Then I went into the financial aid office, and filled a paper form that would allow me to receive future tuition grants and awards. It had been a success; I was now officially registered. Finally, after purchasing college textbooks for the very first time, I was ready to attend challenging college-level courses.

I was satisfied taking classes at Ivy Tech, especially when communicating with professors. Classes were generally small. The professors were very generous, and whenever I was struggling with a certain obstacle, he or she was right there to help. Socializing with instructors is certainly one of the best ways to succeed in college. Having a professor who knows your name should enable you to get a sense of confidence with your college work and study.

One geometry instructor even suggested that I should sign up for a tutor. And I did get one. The tutor was willing to support my studies as well. Because of his excellent teaching, I was able to work through the rest of the assigned geometry problems.

After earning enough credits for transfer, I signed up to the college I desired to attend. All the hard work back at the community college was paid off, because I got accepted! Now here I am, studying and just doing my best with my work.

This is what can happen to students who weren’t even accepted to a four-year college. Don’t give up. Instead, just complete a registration form at the community college, resolve your fees with financial aid, and you will be on your way to meet that goal of yours.