Ten best Things to Remember to Bring to College

When you are about to embark on an odyssey that will see you gaining independence and responsibility, there are many essential items that you need to bring with you. Going to college is a wonderful time in a young adult’s life, but they need to be properly prepared for this magnificent journey. Leaving behind youth and immaturity is one thing, but there are certain items that you most definitely do not want to forget to bring to college with you.

The top ten essentials to bring to college are not necessarily confined within the parameters of school supplies. A laissez faire attitude should be left at home, and replaced with a certain joie de vivre. College can be the best time of your life if you apply yourself, and take it all in stride.

While the staple items such as pens and paper and computers will be on the list of plum near every student, it is the intangibles that should be considered when going to college. The top ten essential things to bring to college are those things that remind us of home, the proper attitude and goals, as well as a few things of comfort that may otherwise be forgotten about.

When going to college, packing can be a hearty ordeal. There are so many items that you may wish to bring, but space will be limited, and therefore, you must prioritize. The essentials to bring to college will vary from student to student, due to personal proclivities, but for the most part, there will be a lot of similarities.

College brings with it a feeling of responsibility and freedom, but one should never forget from where he or she came. To this end, the number one thing to bring to college would have to be tastes from home. The pain of homesickness can hit at any time, and trying to combat these pains can be difficult.

1) HOME – Bring along those things that remind you of home, which should include photo albums, picture frames, home movies, long-distant phone plan, and anything else that reminds you of who you are. Remember always those people that are behind you one hundred percent.

2) TECHNOLOGY – This can include a laptop, desktop computer, flash drives, recordable CD’S/DVD’S, TV, webcam, and any other devices, such as radios, alarm clocks, iPods, cell phones and Blackberries. Any and all of these are gems for the college student, and should adorn the room of all college students.

3) POSITIVE ATTITUDE – This should not be overlooked, as a positive attitude can go a long way to making the transition from high school to college a smooth one. This may the single most important thing to bring, for it can shape your future. If you believe in yourself, then all things are possible.

4) MORALS – The college life can become hectic, and one can forget about their morals rather quickly. Make sure to know who you are, and what your future plans are, and use these to gauge whether or not a decision is one that will help you towards those goals. Keeping ones morals and scruples intact can be an onerous task, but you will be thankful down the road if you do not stray from your ethical makeup.

5) PILLOW/BLANKETS – Some people may think that a pillow is not a big deal, but having your own pillow from home is an absolute essential. The comfort of a good night’s sleep is paramount, and having the proper sleeping arrangement is necessary. Comfort is conducive to sleep.

6) PLAN – Know the reason why you are at college, and try not to stray from this plan. Keep all plans to return home, such as for holidays and special occasions. Do not break these plans unless there is no other option. Family and friends will last far longer than a trip to the local pub on a weekend with some acquaintances.

7) MEMORIES – Never forget who you are or where you come from. Keep fresh in your mind all of the great things that you have done, and remember all of the life lessons that you have learned thus far on your academic and social journey. Use your memories to make sure to not repeat mistakes, and to make sure to make new memories every day.

8) MICROWAVE – This is an invaluable appliance. Whether or not to just heat up a leftover sandwich, or to make some buttery popcorn, a microwave can help you out of many a food related jam. The microwave is essential for eating on the go while in college.

9) MONEY – There will be many times when you will need some money, and you should have some emergency funding on hand, or at least a credit card that is to be used for emergency purposes only. This could save you a lot of time and hassle if a need arises. Keep this money in a safe and secure location, and do not use it unless you are left with no other viable options. Be smart with your credit card to avoid excessive credit card debt, and know how to budget properly in order to pay back any credit card debt, student loans, or auto loans. Learn the tricks to saving money everyday, and become a smart consumer.

10) PROPER CLOTHING – This should include solid footwear, and appropriate clothing for the different seasons. You do not want to have to spend money on clothing while at college, since money will be awfully tight to begin with. If you are not fussy in regards to your appearance, take as little as possible so as to conserve valuable space in your cramped dorm room.

While things like school supplies are essential, they are the staples that all will remember. It is the other items, like maturity and responsibility that often get overlooked. No matter what you bring and what you forget, you will be forced to adapt and overcome any obstacles that get in your way, which is partly what college is trying to teach you anyways.