The Advantages of Attending a Community College

People that make the decision to further their education have many choices available to them. One of those choices is a community college. Many towns and cities have at least one community college that offers a variety of specialized programs. Unfortunately community colleges developed a rather “low man on the totem pole” status as far as higher education is concerned. Society seemed to view community college as a place for people who could not afford anything better.

Over the years, the stigma attached to community colleges has slowly started to fade. This is a very good thing because community colleges offer many good opportunities for students that are looking to further their education and then get into their chosen field as soon as possible. 


Attending a local community college means that a student does not have to move away from home. It can be very comforting having the hometown advantage; you already know the area and are not likely to get lost on the way to school. 

Less expense

Dorm life is not much of a concern while attending a community college. Another expense that is greatly reduced by going to a community college is the pricey tuition. You are less likely to need to borrow money to attend a community college. Even if there is still a bit of concern over affording books and materials or paying for the classes themselves, most community colleges offer grants.

Depending on the where you live in relation to the community college, you might be able to walk to class. If you live farther away, you could either take public transportation or ask a friend for a ride or just drive yourself. Feeding yourself is not much of a concern either if you live at home or with friends. 


Whether you live with your family or in your own place, it is just nice to be in your hometown. You know people there and the area is familiar. When you stress over classes, you can relax by going to your favorite spot to think or go hang out with friends or family.

Aside from the actual classes, being homesick can be a major source of stress for college students. Sometimes the shock of being away from everything that is familiar and the mounting stress over tough classes, makes some students seriously consider dropping out of college. Attending a community college can reduce all of that stress by a significant amount. 

Smaller class size

A huge advantage of going to community college is that the classes are smaller. Smaller classes mean better individual assistance when needed. It is easy to feel lost in a sea of faces in a large class. Many professors in large universities, offer help during their office hours. That is great except for those hours are too few to actually be able to assist over one hundred students per class.

Another plus to smaller class sizes is the chance to really get involved in class. Class participation is part of the grade in some courses, and in smaller classes, you are guaranteed to be able to actively participate. Large classes have so many students that it is impossible for everyone to participate without talking over each other.

Community colleges offer many positive features to students. Perhaps the biggest feature is that students are close to home. It is easier to focus on studies when you are not missing your loved ones. Another huge plus about community college is that one-on-one help is easily available. It really helps that a community college is close to home because that eliminates costly trips across the state or country.

When a student makes the decision to attend college, he/she is taking a firm step toward securing his/her future. Sometimes going to a community college can afford students to obtain tools necessary to enter their chosen field sooner than a formal university. Classes are shorter and more specialized at a community college which allows for more focused learning.