The advantages of going to community college

A community college is beneficial for anyone who graduated from high school or at least has a GED. Many high school seniors who look forward to college often take their studies at a four-year university, even if that means spending a lot on tuition, room and board, dining and textbooks.

Community colleges are something that shouldn’t be neglected. There are reasons students attend a community college. Often, it has to do with lower tuition rates, class flexibility, staying close to home, and earning credits that transfer. And community colleges still have programs that can lead to a successful career.


Tuition fees at a public community college are often considerably lower than a four-year public university. In many cases, taking classes as a full-time student at the community college would cost fifty percent less than the university. Even if they use financial aid, students will likely save quite a ton of money. Also, textbooks prices are noticeably lower. Since many community colleges don’t have residence halls, students can enjoy living at home without spending so much on room and board fees.

Transfer opportunities

Community colleges allow students to earn their credits that are transferable to virtually any other college or university. Generally, most of these credits are general education or electives, but students can look into the university they plan on attending with regard to the transfer process. Afterwards, if they can complete their coursework in at least two years, they can be considered third-year students.

Small class sizes

Another advantage of community colleges is that their class sizes are small. Any large university can have a math class that consists of more than one hundred students. But that’s not the case for a typical community college. Its classes are small enough for students and professors to know each other, and still have personal attention in and out of classes.


Busy students who have jobs want classes that are flexible for them. Community colleges have classes that meet once or twice a week. There are evening and online classes, too. That’s suitable for anyone who works during the day, or just needs more time for study.

Practical training

If you can earn an associate’s degree as a community college student, you’re allowed to receive one year of Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT helps students look for jobs that are related to their major. They can learn how to make resumes, and have jobs while still in school.


Community colleges always have something in store for students, no matter what their goals are. There are a wide array of programs they can look into, and that’ll be helpful in getting ready for their careers. Some of the most popular programs at community colleges are technology, management, nursing, and early childhood education. If the students want to start their careers immediately, they can graduate with an associate’s degree or certificate.

Community colleges have many benefits. They are open for anyone who wants a good career. With a help of a community college education, students can still graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university.