The Benefits of Communtiy College

Students do have the choice to a community college, right? Being a prospective student, students find it disturbing to not have the support if they so chose a community college. There are friends and family members who do disregard their decisions. More and more people should praise those who choose community college. However there are some people who think too highly of themselves and also think that community college is not for them. Going to a community college has its long term benefits.

 First, it is convenient to have a second educational school close by to them, so they do not have to be miles away from home and work; or commute on someone else’s time. They can support their family members and live at home free. Even though they are staying at home free, this will save them money in the future and the money can continue to accumulate. That way when they do finish school they will have money to find a home of their own, instead of graduating then moving back home and finding another place to live. 

Second, community college has programs that can be transferred to a four-year university, so a bachelor’s degree can be earned for less. It can be in state or out state transfer.Also, they have the opportunity to have more privileges than at a university. They can drive and have as many friends over for as long as they please; some universities do not allow that. Finally, community college offers them more time, more privileges, and more money to save for the future.

People should praise the benefits of communty college that often go unoticed. However, just because it is not a big named school it doesn’t mean they are not getting the same education. It is just cheaper and closer to home. Some people might feel that staying home for college is either lazy, or dependent for students who don’t want to leave the home of their parents. Without further due, some students also feel that as long as they are trying to benefit themselves for the future, why does it matter whether they choose a community college over a university?

In the end, they are the one’s with less debt after graduation. Having taken all this into consideration, community college allows people to learn in a small comfortable environment which allows students to have the best experience for learning things in greater detail.