The Benefits of Small Colleges

Deciding whether to attend a small college or a large one can be difficult. Many find it easiest to use their high school experience as a reference. Some high schools are quite small. My high school had only 600 students at a time, and my graduating class only had about 160. After having such a good time at a small high school, I knew I was interested in a small college. I was sure that I’d be overwhelmed at a large school. Here are some benefits of small colleges.

You’ll have smaller classes. While some students prefer huge classes where the teacher only lectures, small colleges offer smaller classes. Teachers may still lecture, but they will be lecturing to a smaller group where asking questions won’t be so embarrassing. With smaller classes, your teacher will be on a first name basis with everyone. You won’t have to worry about meeting with a teacher and having him say “Who are you again?” (This can easily happen if you have a larger class.) You will also be more comfortable speaking with your teacher outside of class. You’ll find it easier to get to know your classmates, which will help you with your work.

You’ll have a smaller campus. This is a huge bonus. With a smaller campus, you can get a little extra sleep before classes since it doesn’t take long to walk to your classroom. Come on, you know you’ll enjoy those extra fifteen minutes. In the winter, you’ll have a shorter distance in the freezing cold. When it rains, you won’t get as wet. (Although I recommend buying an umbrella anyway!)

You’ll get to go on trips. With fewer people, that means there is a better chance that you will be able to sign up for specific trips or group activities. At larger schools, it’s usually whoever signs up first gets to go-and many people will be left out. This isn’t usually a problem at smaller schools.

You become a close-knit group. It’s likely that the people you are living with will also be in your classes. Those same people will be in your clubs and on your sports teams. You’ll learn everybody’s name and they will learn yours. You won’t be lost in the crowd or a wallflower. Your individuality will shine.

You won’t have to wait in huge lines. It’s the worst when you’re super hungry and arrive at the dining hall to find the line is curled down the hallway and out the door. Smaller colleges with fewer people have shorter lines, and you’ll get to eat sooner! Yay!

Whether or not you want to go to a small college is up to you, but the next time you’re thinking about it, ask yourself this: Can large colleges really offer you what small colleges can?