The Benefits of Small Colleges

When you are choosing what college to attend, there are many things that will go through your mind? Should I go to a public university or private university? Should I go somewhere close to home or try to move away and branch out? Should I go where I know that I will know some people or go out on my own? And finally, should I go to a large college or a small college?

While there are many good things about going to large colleges, such as the fact that there are usually a more diverse group of people to meet, potentially more majors, more clubs to join, etc. However, they are not for everyone. There are lots of potential benefits for attending a smaller college. In the end, you have to consider the positives and negatives of both before making a decision. But here are just a few of the many benefits of small colleges:

– Things might not be as intimidating at a small college. Let’s face it, when you first get to college, that can be a bit of a scary experience, and that feeling is only magnified if it’s a large college with lots of students and buildings. At a small college, their may be more places you’ll know, fewer places you’ll have to get to know, and maybe a closer knit group of people.

– At a small college you might be less likely to “feel like a number.” If there are less students (and presumably a better teacher:student ratio), then you are more likely to get to know a lot of your teachers and fellow students on a personal basis. During classes this can help you feel less like you are just a number, and more like a valued member of the college. Small colleges can be a lot more personal, which can be good and bad.

– Another benefit is that the people might be a little more friendly. As mentioned, with a smaller college, there will be fewer people, which means that you might see a lot of people over and over again. Usually, it’s human nature to be nicer to people if you know that you are going to see and interact with them again. In larger colleges, you might not care so much about helping others out because you probably will not see them or interact with them again in the future.

So there are a lot of benefits to small colleges. Fewer people, less of an intimidation factor, and usually a better student:teacher ratio. Small colleges are not for everyone, but they can potentially be a great situation for someone that doesn’t want to go to a larger school.

Good luck with your college choice!