The Benefits of Studying for a Social Sciences Degree

The social sciences incorporate a wide variety of different subjects, from sociology and psychology to geography and economics. All of these subjects concentrate on particular aspects of society and as a student you get to decide which areas interest you and which you would like to explore further. A social sciences degree gives you the flexibility to delve into different subject areas so that you can learn about how individual actions shape the world as well as the role of national and global institutions in different societies. A social sciences degree not only gives you the opportunity to understand the world, but also to change it for the better.

There is such a wide array of subjects that fall under the social sciences label, that when choosing to study a social sciences degree you will find the freedom to study what you want. This can prove to be useful when you’re not entirely sure which direction to take your studies in. Perhaps you already have an idea where your interests lie. You may be interested in the role of money, trade and financial institutions in society, in which case you may decide to choose modules that will lead towards an economics degree, for instance.

If you’re not as interested in figures, but want to have a better understanding of the way in which individuals learn, remember and deal with traumatic events you may wish to sign up to modules that focus more on psychology. If you are less interested in individual differences, but want to understand more about how individuals relate to each other and the role of cooperation and conflict in society, sociology or politics may be the way to go.

It doesn’t really matter if you have no desire to focus on any one specific topic within the social sciences, because you will soon discover there is a great deal of overlap between the various subjects. For instance, sociology is a subject in which you can focus on small-scale interactions between individuals, where people’s psychology obviously comes into play, as well as consider wider society and the role of various institutions. Thus, it is impossible to completely ignore how politics and economics shape a society.

A social sciences degree is definitely worth pursuing if you are interested in understanding more about how individuals, communities, institutions and nations operate. With a social sciences degree you get a certain amount of flexibility in being able to choose your courses, which you may not get with other subjects. By working towards a social sciences degree you will increase your career prospects, because whether you opt to work in the private or public sector, potential employers will be able to recognise the range of skills you have developed during your studies.

By pursuing a social sciences degree you will improve your ability to analyse and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data, learn to distinguish between ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’, to summarise key points and to formulate your own arguments. These are clearly useful skills to have in any workplace, thus making a social sciences degree a worthwhile investment.