The Benefits of Stun Guns for College Students in an Era of School Violence

What kind of fearful sheep mentality youth have we raised?

Everyone was saddened this past week when we had the most violent mass murder at the Virginia Tech College. No one is more mournful and praying for the families then I have been this week. Now I do not think that anyone could have predicted what that psycho was going to do but I do have a few questions about how he was able to kill so many. Now I also know that we have had hours even days to reflect on the event and maybe what should have been done and they say hind sight is always 20/20 but I wonder where the American “not without a fight” approach has gone? Where are the John Wayne and General Patton in your face attitude, have we not passed these genes down?

Now the report has been that the psycho walked into a class room shot the teacher in the head and then proceeded to crank off 30 more rounds into the room. After that he went to another room and reports say that he lined people up against the wall and began executing them one at a time. The question that comes to my mind is WHY did they just stand there and wait to die? Have we raised a bunch of sheep mentality do what ever we are told kind of youth? Was everyone in this room wanting to die no one wanted to live enough to fight back? Someone did not think of grabbing a chair or desk and ramming the idiot, I mean if you’re your going to kill me your are NOT going to get me to stand up against a wall and wait for it. I will let you know that my life is more important to me then letting you shot me in the back of the head.

I just wonder how come these young youth were so willing or so full of fear that they would listen to a deranged psycho gun toting moron? I guess it comes back to why at 9-11 only one of the three airplanes of passengers decided to fight back and not be would how and where they were going to die. They went down saying if we’re to die we are going to die on our terms and letting you know that this is America and in America we fight back!