The best Jobs for College Students

So you’re a college student who wants to make a little money- either something extra to spend on day-to-day whims, or you need to pay the rent. Whatever the case, you’re limited by a couple of key points: if you’re an undergrad, you’ll most likely need the job to be part-time. Regardless of your level of study, you’ll also need flexible scheduling available, as your classes change with each semester. Not to mention you’d like a decent amount of pay.

Here are some ideas for you:

-Do you enjoy hanging out, meeting new people and drinks? If you’re old enough, bartending can be a fun experience. A lot of the hours can be very flexible, and the pay is great. If you’re not quite old enough to try this yet, however, maybe being a coffee barista would be a better bet for you. Big companies like Starbucks gives it employees great benefits on top of decent pay, and you’ll get to socialize quite a bit. Not to mention the tips.

-Speaking of tips, how about being a waiter/waitress? Granted, this can be a very stressful job, but the more people you serve, the more tips you’ll get. And the more tips you get, the better overall pay you have. Simple enough, right? Plus, again, the hours are great.

-Don’t think you can handle that many people every time you go into work? Why not look for something quieter right on campus? Granted, a great deal of the jobs there are reserved either for grad students or for work study, but there are also several hourly jobs available. Check with your campus career office and ask for a list of places on campus that have hired students in the pass, and make a couple of calls. They might not be hiring right away, but when they do, they’ll know you’re interested. A bonus to this is that campus employers know that students have a crazy schedule, and will work with you, whether you’re placed in an office, library, or working in the school bookstore. Perhaps you won’t get tips this way, but you’ll get a steady job, and a chance to network on campus- which can help you plenty down the road.

-Don’t like working the usual, mundane jobs? Have a good look at yourself. Is there anything you’re particularly good at? Can you design web pages, or make really good flyers for advertising? Are you a fast typer? Do you have an eye for making gorgeous arts and crafts? Do a little research on having your own small business, and advertise yourself on campus. You never know if someone will like your jewelry, or just need someone to type a letter or two for them! Tutoring falls quite nicely under this category as well.

There are several other options, of course, so always make sure to keep your eyes open. Countless jobs are waiting on and near campus for someone like you to come along and give a helping hand. Make sure to look in newspapers, online, and at your campus career services office for open jobs and advice on finding the job that will work just right for you.