The best Jobs for College Students

If you are trying to get through school and pay for it yourself, chances are you will have to get a job while you are taking classes. This can be very tough on your time, especially if you are also involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. In my experience, the best jobs for college students is something on-campus, such as a library or mailing office. There are many reasons why this is such a good job:

Often there is time to study

For example, at a department library where there is not too many people coming in one can often get a lot of time to study and write papers. This works out great and allows you also do a lot of studying, Multi-tasking this way;. working, making a little money, and getting your studying done makes it a great job.

Proximity of the job to your classes

Since you’ll often be on-campus anyway for classes, homework, and everything else, you may as well work there too. At least that’s my thinking. It’s convenient to get there at all times, even more so if you live on campus. Once again, this is a great time saver that a lot of people don’t really consider when looking for a job.

The Federal Work Study possibilities

Depending on what type of financial aid you qualify for, you might not even have to pay taxes on the money you earn. In my case, I get a certain amount of money earned per year with no taxes taken out of it. That is a deal that is tough to beat, and can make up for the fact that you might be making a slightly lower wage with an on-campus job.

Networking possibilities

Working on-campus, you’ll get to see lots of students and faculty, meaning you can make friends, meet a bunch of people, and even do a little networking, which can be valuable later on. One of the best parts about college is getting to meet so many people, and having an on-campus job helps out with that even more.

Add it all up, and working on-campus is a good deal all around, and I would recommend it to any college student who is looking for a job.