The best Majors for a down Economy

These days a student leaving school for university needs to think hard about the future and what University course is best suited to changing and volatile world economy.

The student not only needs to bear in mind a shrinking economy but he also needs to consider the lightening speed technology can make some careers obsolete. There have been better times for a student to venture out into the working world but all isn’t lost with a little planning and foresight.

So what are the best university courses in a down economy for your BA or BSC?

Studying the classics might get one a decent degree but is little use in a demanding employment market. Even traditional staples like law are not what it used to be, with lawyers earning less and less through legal aid and reliant on more no win, no fee agreements.

The student needs to sit down and look at the careers which are least affected, or possibly prospering in a lean economic market. Let’s take social work as an example. In lean times more people are falling on hard times and many require the services of social services. This career is only used as an example of what might be a safe career in a rapidly changing workplace.

Indeed, many local authority careers are relatively secure despite many local authorities having fewer funds to spend.

Engineering and electronics are good areas for a new career. One might consider specialising in renewable energy. Most countries of the world will be forced to expand renewable energy and move away from more traditional sources of energy like nuclear power.

The student should look to see how his preferred career has prospered over the years and how the future markets look. The student needs to be forward thinking and try to imagine how this career might change in a climate of austerity and technological change. The student also needs to weigh up the competition when it comes to finding work. Oversubscribed courses, means in mathematical terms, more individual competing for the same jobs.

In an ever changing workplace the student would be advised to choose a course where he feels a certain flair and enthusiasm, as he’ll need the best grades to compete in a fiercely competitive market. Unfortunately, a good degree won’t guarantee work in itself and the student will need to excel to stand out above the rest.