The best Majors in Todays Market

If you are entering college, it would be beneficial to know what areas of the market need workers. Some college students wonder what areas are paying the most money.  That used to be the most often asked question before entering college. This thinking may not be the most important aspect to decide a major.  Most colleges today will not tell you what areas are “in need” because they offer so many disciplines and telling you to focus only on those would hurt their college departments that so desperately need your money for the not so important areas like general studies that you must have.

Research has shown that one the most needed and well paid jobs to have in today’s market would be in the areas of Health and Wellness.  Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dietitians, are just a few that are in need.  The great thing about these jobs is that not only are they in need but they actually pay well.  You can chose if you want to get a degree and go right to work with most of these offered in only four years.  Of course, if you are going to be a doctor or a physical therapist, then it will take anywhere from six to eight years to complete.  But for the most part you can finish any of these disciplines in a short amount of time and not worry to much about the these jobs being maxed out any time soon.

Other major areas that are in need are teachers.  Most areas of the United States need teachers, and more especially in areas of the South. Texas is still a major state in need of teachers but they have had reduction of monies coming from the state.  This has caused the market to slide some, but in most of the major areas like math and science are still a major need area.  It takes four years to obtain a degree, and you could decide to go on for your masters degree and get paid a little more, like in the state of Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Most all states will offer incentives to sign on in a special needs area.

So in today’s market, the best majors today are in the educational and medical fields.  Sign on bonuses are plentiful and ongoing in some areas.  It doesn’t look like this trend will change anytime soon so be encouraged to go after these jobs and enjoy the fact you can always work with this type of major.