The best us Colleges for Journalism Degrees

The ink on your high school degree is still drying and now you have decided to become a journalist. Great choice! But, like many fields, journalism has many different courses to take. Do you want to be a photographer, a newspaper reporter, an editor or push into radio or television. While there are many various colleges and universities to attend offering degrees in journalism, here is a list of some that are considered the best in the U.S.:

1. Columbia University. Located in New York City, New York, this university offers various degree programs ranging from Master of Science to Ph.D. in Communications. The faculty is a blend of professional award-winning reporters, columnists, authors, magazine editors, documentary filmmakers and news media specialists. Some of the prizes the offer include the internationally renown Pulitzer Prize and the duPont-Columbia Awards.

2. Medill at Northwestern University. This prestigious university in Evanston, IL has a firm commitment excellence in journalism. The university offers the students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in such subjects as Business and Economics; Government, Policy and Politics; or Health and Science. If the student prefers, they can choose to focus on specialized techniques beyond basic reporting and writing: Videography/Broadcast; Magazine Writing, Editing and Publishing; and Interactive Storytelling. Apart from studying in classrooms, the university offers the student to obtain real-world experience with work in their newsrooms in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

3. Syracuse University. Located in the city by the same name in New York, the students can choose from eleven different professional master’s degree programs covering the full gamut of mass communications, advertising; arts journalism; broadcast journalism; documentary film and history; magazine, newspaper, and online journalism; media management; new media; photography; public diplomacy; public relations; and television, radio, and film. Apart from teaching the university is constantly offering opportunities to work as the student learns.

Some outstanding undergraduate programs can be found at Ball State University, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Florida, University of Maryland, University of Missouri and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Each as various programs with specialties in the area that may best suit the student’s need. It is best to thoroughly research each university to determine which will best fulfil your own studying plans.

Regardless of the school you choose, the most important step of deciding to enter into the exciting world of journalism will be one you will never regret. Being able to communicate with the mass readers and/or viewers will be a fulfilling career experience beyond the description of words. Good luck in your new career!