The Dantes Subject Standardized Tests Dsst

The Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) explained

College credit by examination has been around a long time and one of those tests is Dantes Subject Standardized Test (DSST). DSST exams were created to provide students with the opportunity to obtain college credit for experiences they have gained. DSSTs are administered by Prometric and are equivalent to three college credit hours. Typically, each DSST test is $80; however, depending on where the test is administered, other fees may apply.  

Subjects Available

Subject disciples offered by Dantes DSST are Business, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Science and Social Science. Each discipline offers a variety of topics for DSST test. For example, Business includes tests for Business Law II, Business Ethics and Society, Money and Banking and Personal Finance, to name a few.

Humanities include subjects such as Introduction to World Religions, Technical Writing and Human/Cultural Geography. In the Natural Science category, Fundamentals of College Algebra, Physical Geology and Principles of Statistics are offered. Social Science topics include Criminal Justice, Fundamentals of Counseling and Lifespan Developmental Psychology. These are representatives of the categories.

Dantes Test Prep

Fact sheets that outline the topics covered are available for each test offered. For example, the fact sheet for Personal Finance lists topics covered on the test and references used to create the exams. Questions on the Dantes Personal Finance test include, but are not limited to, credit, debit, major purchases, taxes, insurance and investments. 

Obtaining the reference books can prepare a student for taking the exam. Fact sheets include sample exams of DSST tests that can help the student measure if they are ready to take the test beforehand. Fact sheets are available from the website.

DSST Study Guides

DSST study guides are available for subjects. Dantes DSST study guides can be purchased at most bookstores or online; however, many libraries have copies available for check out. Numerous DSST study guides are available; some are single subject guides, while others are multiple subject guides. For example, one guide covers eight DSST examinations. Each study guide contains a DSST practice test for the subject covered.  

Currently, over 2000 colleges and universities recognize the DSST program, which is approved by the American Council on Education (ACE).

For students who have limited time, such as those that work or have families, the DSST may be a great way to earn credits while saving time and money because there is no need to attend class and the DSST exams are less expense that college courses. If a student has only a few credits to reach that goal of an undergraduate degree, taking a DSST exam would benefit him or her. The DSST is a cost effective and time saving method of obtaining college credits.