The Kingston University in London

The Kingston University of London, situated upon the Thames is one of the most gorgeous places where students choose to build their career. This university is placed in such a classic location, that the central London is just 25 minutes away by train and the university has easy and quick access to the country side and international airports, by roads and trains. Let us go through a quick overview about the Kingston University of London in this article.

Interesting facts about Kingston University:

The Kingston University of Thames has a history of 113 years of success. First started in 1899, the humble beginning of this prestigious institution was marked by the opening of the Kingston technical institute. From then on, till date, the Kingston technical institute has metamorphed into a boisterous University with 5 faculties and 4 campuses in the downtown of Thames, with more than 23,105 students and 2916 staffs. The Kingston University is an emporium for 4,37,000 books and 1800 printed journals. Apart from these are the electronic journals and e-books.

Courses offered:

Ranging from the undergraduate courses to post graduation and research studies, the Kingston University has something to offer to all kinds of students approaching them. A multitude of courses are offered by the Kingston University. Some of various areas of study include architecture, arts and science, education, engineering, law, psychology and so on.

Other services offered:

Apart from education the Kingston University offers a wide range of services and business opportunities. The services offered by the University are, consultancy and research, knowledge transfer, equipment and facilities hiring, advice and access to funding and Enterprise Europe Network London. Also they provide staff training opportunities and support for commercialization of intellectual properties.

Research studies:

The Kingston University provides a rich atmosphere to encourage research studies. This University harbors groups of researchers, working together to generate knowledge and pass it on to students through courses brought into classrooms through skilled staffs. Seminars and conferences are conducted all over the world to share the knowledge with other researches and public throughout the world.

The Kingston University of London also has a part in a number of activities such as conducting graduation ceremonies, alumni associations, charity missions, arts, culture and educational innovations. The role played by the University students in the Olympics is invaluable. The magazines “Kingston”, “led by learning” and many others are published by the institution to educate the community. The Kingston University is an excellent place where knowledge flourishes and hence a highly recommended institution, for students to pursue their career.