The most Bizarre College Courses

Everyone should take at least one bizarre course before graduating from college. You do have those electives to burn, after all. If you are looking for an off the wall class to take this semester, you need to dig just a little deeper in the course listing catalog. Go beneath all those required classes or even the electives. Often the more specialized in any given area, the more outrageous the class. Here are some of the weirdest classes I found at my university to inspire you in your own search.


Did you know there might be people at your school majoring in kinesiology or landscape architecture? These are fancy terms for someone who knows a lot about exercise and lawn care. If you have a main stream major like business, communication, or education you might want to consider taking a class from a major that is strange to you. Anyone for poultry science or forestry 101? If you are an outdoorsy person, you might enjoy a class specifically about the reproductive cycle of local fish breeds. If you plan to have children one day, you might get some good tips in a family and consumer science course, which is the new politically correct term for home economics. Chances are you will learn something really cool or meet some different types of people than you are used to seeing in your own major. Variety is the spice of life.


Everyone is taking Spanish out of a paranoia that they will not be able to get a job one day unless they can speak haltingly in the second language of America. I hate to break it to you but Spanish is not a requirement yet in the corporate world, or in most peoples’ everyday lives. Unless you are going into a field where you will use Spanish often and need to speak it fluently, why not take a cool and different class to satisfy your foreign language requirement? My school offers Scandinavian, Greek, German, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Asian languages I can’t even pronounce, along with my favorite: Yoruba. If anyone knows what that is, I am dying to know. There are also ancient languages like Latin, Hebrew, and Sanskrit. Raise an eye brow the next time you’re talking amongst classmates by telling them you took one of these impressive sounding classes.


The history department has some really different classes that go beyond American history and world civilizations. How do “food and power in the orient” or “blame the potato: one vegetables’ role in Nazi domination” strike you as interesting courses? Also available are “the hip-hop mindset: history, ideology, and pedagogy” and “history of rock and roll”. For the record, the rock and roll class is impossible to get into at my school, and it is also rumored to be one of the most difficult classes ever. Many strange things have happened over the span of human history. There are many strange classes to cover these events as well.


Of all the majors I sifted through, women’s studies had the most bizarre class titles of all. There was more than one class on the oppressiveness of phallic symbols in cultures both ancient and modern. This is the title where a number of classes on sexuality are taught, from a feminist perspective of course. One of my personal favorites is “the biology and politics of female reproduction.” Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall in that room? This is the absolute best bizarre class title of all: “witches, wenches, damsels and nuns: women in medieval Europe”. Sign me up for that one!

The college years are one of the only times in your entire life you will be exposed to such a vast and varied list of topics. Why not examine the strange classes your university has to offer? You’ll likely find an entire world of weird courses just waiting to be explored.