The Obstacles to Obtaining a College Education in the United States

Many people are looking for an alternative to unemployment and are trying their luck at college. Some are applying for the first time, while others are returning to school as older Americans. At the same time, the cost of college has skyrocketed tremendously. The cost of tuition has almost doubled during the last year.

Students have found themselves taking extra jobs, entering into the work study program and taking student loans. More American parents are unable to foot the bill to allow their children to go to school. In the early 50’s and 60’s it was a privilege for an average American to send their children off to school. During those times there were no worries concerning the cost of education.

Now, considering the economy, even the privileged American is having a hard time finding funding for education. Many minorities will ask the simple question; where does that leave us? African-Americans have historically struggled to receive an education and the economy is doing very little to rectify that situation.

Many African-Americans have had to put their education on hold to provide for their families. Minorities have had to decide between education and responsibilities. An education is a wonderful experience provided that you have a stable off-campus setting. Who can go to college with no solid foundation outside of their studies?

A few have mastered this task, but for the majority it is not feasible to be homeless or work full-time and care for young children while trying to attend college. Stability is a key factor when you are trying to further your education. Worrying about how you will pay the bills or who will watch the kids can be a distraction. Minorities are having a problem with funding, but they are also having a problem figuring out how to balance a school schedule with home.

Some older adults entering college for the first time believe that an on-line education can offer  the freedom needed to pursue education at an advanced age. You have to do extensive research for yourself to decide if an on-line education is appropriate to suit your needs.

First, you have to determine the cost of an on-line education. Paying for college is very expensive when you decide to go college on-line. Most students have to take out student loans to proceed with an on-line education. Secondly, you have to consider that an on-line education is not widely accepted everywhere when you enter the work force. A lot of employers want you to have experience that can’t be obtained on-line. Therefore, if you are looking into an on-line education do an extensive research.

Education is expensive, but it provides better employment opportunities for graduates. In addition, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a diploma or degree is not something that can ever be taken away. Although obtaining an education can sometimes be difficult, there is usually a solution for everyone that can be made to work.