The Top Ten Essentials to Bring to College

Leaving home to attend university can be a very daunting prospect. But it does not have to be that way. You are about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life. There will be a lot of firsts. Your first time away from home, your first hangover and so on. I have come up with a list of the top 10 essentials which will ensure that you have a great time at university, and believe me, they are essential.

1. Pen: Yes, I know it sounds obvious, but what with the various other essentials you are packing on this list, you could easily forget! A pen is important for lectures when you actually bother to turn up. Not only can you write your friend messages about how amazing your breakfast was and how big your lecturers nose is, but you might one day take the opportunity to write your name on the desk. Some even like to write lecture notes! Shocking I know.

2. Paper: Again, an obvious one, but it is useful. Leaving notes for your friends when you go out, making paper areoplanes and writing the occasional lecture notes are all big parts of university life. Though I will say, if paper is not readily available, a desk, wall or arm is always an alternative.

3. Laptop: There’s no two ways about it, without a Laptop, your life will be miserable. My flat mate who is on the same course as me though ‘ah I’ll just toddle down to university, not bring a laptop and be fine’…She was wrong. Instead of watching random rubbish on youtube and bbc iplayer at night she spent her time sleeping. Also, it meant she didn’t get all her essays done. Not good. So deffinatly don’t forget your laptop.

4 . Mobile phone: On a more serious note, whilst you’re away, you might want to talk to your family. So, bring a phone! Else you get lonely…especially if you’ve made no friends! But then…your phone is also useful for texting your new friends and ordering pizza.

5. Some form of fancy dress costume: This will inevitably come in handy. There are always fancy dress nights and partys, and if you run out of clothes it could be useful. Though get a fancy dress costume that is adaptable so that one night you’re Barbie, the next night you’re a porn star, add a few leaves to the wig and you’re a horror film person. You get the general idea.

6. Pots and pans: Don’t forget your pots and pans no matter what you do. Obviously you will know from when you were a child that they make jolly good helmets for in the case of a neuclear bombing, as well as drums. But as my flat mate Dave found out earlier this year, they make amazing bowls too! You see, he forgot to bring his plates and bowls, so for the first 3 moths, his saucepan was his bowl. Now, you can survive without your bowls and plates, but where would you be without your pot, helmet, drum, bowl?

7. About 50 pairs of pants or as in america say, panties…(that always made me laugh, and you call trousers pants… sorry, I stray from the path)….: I’m not exagerating about 50 pairs of pants. You may not want to go down to the laundret for a few weeks, or the washing machines might not work, or even worse, there may be a que. If in an extreme case occurs and you run out of pants, I advise wearing them inside out. Or, if you’re really rich, you could go to primark or lasenza they have some cheep pants there.

8. Your entire film collection: Trust me, everyone else will bring theres, and if you don’t have all your films with you you’ll either look like you’ve never watched anything in your life, or…what I just said. Basically bring all your films. Even the rubbish ones. If you have Bambi, even better!

9. A picture of you and some friends: This is not for you to enjoy seeing them on display in your room, but to show you’re not some kind of loner person. If a few of you look particularly drunk, even better, it’ll show you know how to have a good time.

10. A book: purely for display purposes

I hope this advice was useful for you and that you have an excellent time at University.