The Top Undergraduate Business Schools in Maryland

The State of Maryland offers a wealth of top notch undergraduate choices when choosing a college to study business. The field of business can be vast and narrowing down a specialty degree in business program can help make the college choice more simple.

Most business schools have programs specializing in degrees for Accounting, Banking, Management Information Systems, Finance, Economics, Hospitality Management, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Public Administration, even Travel. Declaring a specific field of study will open up the choices that the State of Maryland has to offer.

Accounting is a very popular undergraduate business degree. Located in Baltimore, Maryland,Towson University’s College of Business and Economics offers an accredited undergraduate degree in Accounting. Their mission statement is “to prepare students for success in business and the larger community through its unique combination of experiential learning, applied research, and community outreach;…” The college offers courses that promote critical thinking, business modeling, communication, ethics and values. A four-year program is offered with an additional quarter of course work centered on Financial planning that provides the coursework needed for students to qualify to take the CFP’s.

An International Business undergraduate degree can also be a lucrative business degree to attain. The global market can be an interesting and ever-changing market to study. In Maryland, the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola College offers a Bachelor of Business Administration program in International Business. Loyola College is located right outside Baltimore. This degree program stresses “The fact that the successful international manager must have a background that incorporates management with political, cultural, and linguistic skills…”, according to their core curriculum. The program also encourages International business majors to consider studying abroad during their junior year and Loyola’s program offers many options.

Another versatile undergraduate business degree would be Marketing. A business marketing degree can prepare a student for a career in Sales, Distribution, Promotions, Advertising, Public Relations, Market and Brand Research. Located in Baltimore Maryland, Morgan State University’s Earl G Graves School of Business and Management offers a Bachelor of Science in Marketing program. This program encourages creative thought while emphasizing structure and practical business knowledge.

The state of Maryland has a variety of choices when it comes to choosing a college for undergraduate business programs to study. Ranging in business degreees in Accouting, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Human Resources and Public Administration, the choice is matching up the right program to the right college.