The Trap of Online Term Papers – Scam

Online term papers can be very attractive to a student with a heavy schedule. I visited one such site. They assured that their work would be complete with quality research and written in the best possible format. They offered me a professional product. “Why should you waste your time doing what you hate? Let us do it for you.”

I’m not kidding that is their boast and our downfall if we choose to use them. Everything online is traceable. I would not want put my name on someone else work for many reasons.

First it’s cheating and not helping me gain an ounce of knowledge that may help me later. I can read the paper before turning it in, but I would have a heck of a time discussing my research. If I go looking up all the information from the reference list, I just as well do the paper in the first place.

My second point is that no matter how it is dressed up by the seller of the term paper, it is unethical and they know it. If they are willing to let me purchase and put my name on a paper from their work, who is to say they didn’t plagiarized the paper themselves.

Next, consider that the site is just as available to the instructor as it is to us. In fact, I would guess that most schools have a list of online sites that sell term papers. If the site is to make any real money, they must either employ a lot of writers and researchers, or they must resell the same paper over and over. If I can go to their site and download a stock term paper, sooner or later it will catch up to me. How many times can the same paper be passed off before it ends up back on the same professor’s desk?

Finally, I’d no more want to turn in somebody else work as my own. I’m a writer. I have a desire to have my words read, not someone else’s. I have no desire to purchase words. I have no problem with hiring someone to type up a paper that I have dictated. That would still be my work and my responsibility. I could not respect myself as a person, or a student if I purchased a term paper anywhere.

We are easily vulnerable when we are over worked and over tired. That is what these term paper sites count on more than they count on our willingness to cheat. Knowing it’s out there when we are at our most vulnerable is their way into our life and a hell of our own making. Even if we get by with it and we never get caught, we know. What if we are revealed at a later time and it finds its way to our employer. Will they still trust us to be ethical on the job? I wouldn’t hire someone found to have such low ethics.