The Trend of Older Students Returning to College

The decision to return to college after a long break from education isn’t exactly a new thing, but it’s clear that during uncertain economic times there are a greater number of people who are forced to reconsider their priorities. If you lose your job and there aren’t many jobs around – particularly ones which don’t require a college degree, you obviously want to make yourself more employable, which you can often do by going back to college. Plus, if you can’t find a job, it’s better to use your time constructively than to sit around twiddling your thumbs while waiting for something to come along.

For some individuals who decide to become mature students, going back to college is about more than just improving their job prospects. There are those who may have dropped out of school for particular reasons, such as having children at an early age, and who bitterly regret not having continued on with their education. If you’re an intelligent person it can be somewhat frustrating when your prospects are hampered by your lack of education. You may need something that challenges you in order to keep your mind active, but when you can only get a job in a factory, this is unlikely to be the case.

Thus, going back to college can give you a chance to better yourself and to build up self-esteem. Sometimes individuals opt not to go to college straight after finishing high school because they can’t afford to and then soon find themselves with a husband and children to feed so that their dreams of going back to school dissipates. However, everyone reaches a stage when things begin to change – the kids have grown up and your husband finds his own interests to keep him busy – at which point going back to college seems like a reasonable idea.

There are no age limits to getting an education, and for those who never bothered to go to college as youngsters, there is always the option to change that situation. Going to college as a mature student may be a somewhat different experience than if you had gone in your late teens, but it is no less enjoyable. You may spend less time socialising and getting drunk, but you are much more likely to make the most of your studies and to take advantage of all that college has to offer.

Everyone has their own reasons for going back to college and most people will not allow their age to get in the way of them pursuing something they really want to do.