The value of a College Education

The first question that most people who are meeting each other for the first time ask each other is “what do you do?”  Another question that commonly comes up in conversation is “where did you study?”  The reason why these two questions are so commonly asked is because many people attach a larger value on a person’s life based on their income earning potential and their educational achievements.  Every human life has value, regardless of how educated a person is.  Having a college education does not make a person’s life more valuable, but there is value in pursuing a higher education.  However, college is not necessary or suitable for everyone. 

Many of today’s college students are graduating feeling disillusioned about the values of their degrees.  Jobs can be more difficult to come by for some people than for others, and many people are beginning to see that having a college degree alone is not a guarantee that great jobs will be available right after graduation.  The type of degree that a college student attains will be a huge factor in whether or not they are likely to get a job after graduation.  Some degrees in certain fields like medicine and engineering are constantly in high demand because those fields are specialized fields.  Other degrees in fields that are already saturated with many people who are working in those areas, making for a more competitive job market. 

A college degree is much more attainable for people to pursue these days than in years gone by because these days, banks and student loan companies are more willing to loan money to adults who want to pursue a college education.  As a result, having a college degree is not as rare as it once was and the job market is saturated with job seekers who have degrees, making it harder for job seekers to differentiate themselves from other candidates applying for the same job.  Many college graduates have to start paying back tens of thousands of dollars to banks and student loan companies within a year from when they graduate, even if they don’t find a job right after graduation.  University tuition costs are rising and with the current state of the economy, many families are questioning the value of having a college degree.  Is pursuing a college education worth it and can it improve a person’s life?  The answer is that pursuing a college degree is a risk that might pay off, but it also might not pay off in the long and short run.  A college degree cannot guarantee that you will be financially successful.  Many people who don’t have college degrees have built successful careers and businesses for themselves through self-education and hard work. 

If you are pursuing a college education, keep in mind that education is always good for you, but a college education cannot guarantee that you will learn what you want to learn or that you will get your dream job after you graduate.  You must put in a lot of work to get your degree and you must also put a lot of work in to getting a job or building a business.  Having a college degree will not automatically open doors for you, so, you need to choose your area of study very carefully.  Some areas of study might interest you and if you can afford to fund your college education and it doesn’t matter to you what your degree specializes in, then pursue any degree to your heart’s content.  If your main reason for pursuing a college education is to increase your chances of landing a good job and building a professional career, then you should pursue a degree that covers topics you enjoy and could lead to many job opportunities for yourself.