The value of Scholarships

It seems as though there is a colossal rush towards the end of high school to get a scholarship before someone else does. Some students feel left behind when comes to applying and receiving scholarships. But should they?

Nobody minds going to school for free if possible. That’s why it seems that students from around the country should be making a mad dash to reap the “free money” that is available through scholarships. The problem is that they are not doing it!

Thousands of private organizations reserve thousands upon thousands of dollars each year to give to well-suited applicants. But there is the problem. The organizations are private. There are separate applications, and sometimes essays, that need to be filled out or written for these scholarships. Some type of work or effort actually has to be put forth!

With public scholarships like the Millennium in Nevada, which is automatically given to students with at least a B average, students have become more and more less willing to seek out private scholarships. UNLV makes it easy by allowing students to fill out one scholarship application and then financial aid experts find suitable scholarships that are available to the student.

Some students carry the notion that they will be covered with the Millennium alone. It won’t cost too much more, right? Wrong!. Just books can cost up to $800 a semester. Private scholarships can cover these costs, along with costs of living and actual courses. But because students are not seeking out private scholarships, they sometimes are never given away. They are practically put to waste!

Unless a student has a large enough income to cover the costs that the Millennium doesn’t, then it is absolutely necessary to look for outside sources. From what initially covered full cost, the Millennium now only covers 80 percent of the first 12 credits.

A typical problem many private organizations have is that the criteria matched with the scholarship are, at times, too narrow. To attract more candidates, they broaden it. But the fish still are not catching the bait! Some scholarships are not highly advertised either. Even when some are, students are oblivious to them. They need to be searched out! When one looks, one will find- and that is exactly how it works.

The Internet is a great, if not the best, place to look for scholarships. There is a mountain of search engines geared specifically towards scholarships such as and There are scholarships out there for every type of person and for every possible major. So start your engines, and search!