Things to consider when Choosing a University

There is hardly a shortage of universities to choose from and so it can be quite a challenge determining which university will best suit your needs. It is therefore important that you take a number of factors into account, so that you can come to the right decision for you. Going to university can be expensive and the experience will shape the rest of your life, which is why you have to really think about where you want to study before committing yourself.

The better the university, the higher the expectation of its students and so you can’t apply to study at an ancient university, such as Oxford, and expect to be accepted if you don’t meet the academic requirements. You will need to be a straight-A student and to have completed sufficient preparation ahead of an interview in which you will be grilled on a whole number of issues. Thus, you’re probably going to be wasting your time if you apply to such an institution when you’re struggling to achieve Bs and Cs.

It isn’t only the grade requirements you have to consider, as you also have to be able to afford to go to the university of your choice. Clearly, a well-established institution with a very good international reputation is going to charge you more for the privilege of studying there than a lesser known university. You may want to study at Oxford or Cambridge, but discover that the cost is prohibitive. There may be scholarships and bursaries available, but there will be a great deal of competition for these and you may not be awarded any financial aid, so that you end up being forced to take out hefty loans.

Before deciding upon a university you will also want to think about the location of the university, as you probably won’t want to travel 150 miles every time you want to go home. If you’re the kind of person who has a tendency to get home sick, you may need to pop back home every now and again, which is difficult when you’re far away. You should also pay attention to the area in which you will be based, so that you know how expensive it is going to be to live there, how much crime there is and how good public transport services are.

If you need a help getting started in your search for a university there are plenty of websites where you can compare different institutions and find the best one for you, as you want to make sure that your university experience is going to be a pleasant one. You clearly don’t just want to leave university with a good degree, as you will also want to have enjoyed your time as a student.