Tips for College Kids to be Healthy

Students spend much of their time sitting. Whether they are sitting in the classroom, in the library, or in their dorm room this can take a toll on a student’s body. Oftentimes, before heading off to college students were regularly active – walking to and from high school, playing on sports teams, or just spending time outside with friends, and were able to keep themselves healthy in that way. Once arriving at college, however, time constraints and changing interests and priorities will often prevent students from getting the exercise they need. Walking more is an easy way to get the exercise students need to not only keep off the pounds but also keep their minds relaxed, focused, and ready for studies. It is also, and probably most importantly to college students, a free way of staying in shape.


As students spend more time eating pizza, partying, and studying they will undoubtedly notice they have started to gain the ‘Freshman Fifteen.’ An easy way to avoid this without having to worry about gym hours or who you will run into at the gym is to simply turn on your iPod and start walking. Simply walking an extra 20 minutes a day can help get you into shape. Walk ten minutes after you get out of each class, or go for a walk ten minutes before you are expected to meet friends for dinner. Students who do this will notice a difference in their health and fitness.

Ease of Mind

Simply being outdoors can help students ease much of the stress they may feel both socially and academically. Taking a walk is a good way to get thoughts straight or to unwind while listening to music without the interruptions often found in the dorm. Even a little bit of exercise can make a difference in how one copes with stress or anxiety. Being away from everything and just taking some time for yourself while going for a walk might make a difference in a student’s studies and social life.

It’s Free

Walking is free. It costs nothing other than a little bit of effort on the part of your legs. With the budget constraints faced by most college students, this can be one of the most advantageous aspects of walking over other types of exercise that may require a gym fee or an additional class fee.

Walking is a great way to pass some extra time and to become a little healthier and a little more relaxed. Students who walk more might find increased success in their academics and increased sense of calm overall.