Tips for Dealing with Homesickness during your first Semester at College

Being away from home can be quite daunting for most youngsters. Suddenly you’re in strange surroundings with new people. Everything is different. Family, friends and all that is familiar has gone.

The good news is homesickness needn’t be the big issue it was to students of twenty years ago. Back then keeping in contact with family and friends meant writing letters, sitting and waiting an age for a postal reply. Talking on the telephone back then was much more expensive than today and there were no mobile or cell phones. Calls had to be made from telephone booths which were often located in noises places. There were often lines to stand in and in some instances the telephone would be out of order or damaged.

Today, the student has a much easier time and contact with home is so easy there is barely any need to be homesick at all as home is on your fingertips when needed.

Most students these days have a laptop or computer and this means ready access to parents and friends. One might email which is instant and might prompt an instant reply. Also with a laptop you’ll have access to a messenger application and be able to talk to friends in real time. In addition to this there are social network sites to read about family and friends and to keep them informed of your progress at college.

Skype is a handy tool which allows you to talk cheaply by phone and you can also use video links so you can see your loved ones whilst chatting. Web cams are also used with messenger these days as well.

If you have a smart phone all the above is available and the use of the cell phone to call family and friends as need be. Access to family and friends is so instant that there is hardly any reason to feel as lonely and detached as students did in the past.

Do not forget to immediately involve yourself in college social events as they will quickly provide you with new friends. Once you have a circle of new friends and a social life at college home won’t seem so important anymore as it did when you felt lonely and vulnerable.

The good news is all students get over homesickness no matter how bad and get on in their new location, study well and enjoy themselves.