Tips for Dorm Room Storage and Organization

A typical college dorm room for two students is less than 200 square feet. That is not much room for two students to share without conflict over space. The standard dorm room furniture includes a twin bed, a desk and chair, and some type of small dresser, or built in drawers. Through organization and maximizing storage, your dorm room can have room for all of your personal belongings and college materials. Here are some tips to help you organize and increase storage space in your dorm room.

Make your bed a loft

By raising your bed off the floor and making it a loft, you free up floor space that was occupied by the bed. Many universities offer loft kits to dorm students for free on a first come, first served basis. Some students build their own loft beds. Instructions for how to build a dorm loft bed can be found at Kits to convert your dorm bed to a loft bed can be found at various online sites. Now you have room for a comfortable “Big Joe Bean Bag Chair” (available at Wal-Mart), a small refrigerator and microwave. Or you can place a dresser and small bookcase in that space and storage racks and bins.

Maximize your desk space

A hutch that hangs on the wall above your desk helps maximize your desk space. How to build a hutch for a college desk can be found at Already built hanging desk hutches can be purchased at a variety of stores. The advantage of a hanging hutch is that it frees up space on the surface of your desk. You can place desk accessories on the hutch. Purchase hanging file folders and rails for one of the drawers. This is a very economical way to have a file cabinet. The hanging files have tabs which you can label for various classes. The hanging files can be purchased at any office supply store. Your desk surface needs to have enough space for your computer, a good desk lamp, and room for an open textbook. Get a desk drawer tray that has compartments for pens, pencils, staplers and other desk items.

Bulletin Boards

A bulletin board hung between the desk surface and the hutch allows you to pin calendars, papers, photos and mementos without taking up valuable space on your desk. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes.

Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Boards are perfect to hang on your dorm door for messages from students, etc. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are lightweight so can be hung with adhesive strips.

Laptop Computer

Purchase the best laptop computer you can afford. It will take up much less space than a desk top computer. You can carry it to class for note-taking. You will need a printer for the many papers you will be writing in college. Most universities now have wireless computer access, so check with your dorm. Purchase a wireless printer that can be placed somewhere other than your desk. It can be placed atop a dresser, or a shelf. Best Buy has a wireless color all-in-one printer for under $80.00.

Folding Book Case

You will have many college textbooks and reference books. Folding bookcases are economical, easy to move, and come in a variety of sizes. You can organize your books and get them off your desk and floor. You can get one that fits under dorm windows, which is a space that is seldom utilized. It will not block the window. At Folding/Stacking Bookcase – Bookcases – Home Office Furniture – Furniture |  you can find folding bookshelves in a variety of widths and colors from $59.00. This is a great investment because you can use it after graduation at your future residence or place of employment.

Closet Accessories

Your dorm closet can hold items other than clothes with the many closet accessories available. Plastic drawer towers, and over the door hanging accessories allows you space for towels, an extra set of bed sheets, folder clothes and accessories. The pop-up hamper/laundry basket will fit in your closet and is one of the best purchases you can make. It can be purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $8.00.

In conclusion, loft beds, wall desk hutches, folding book shelves and closet organizing accessories will maximize space, storage. and organize your dorm room. As small as dorm rooms are, you can have space and a place for all of your personal belongings and your academic supplies.