Tips for Finding Part Time Work on Campus

College students seem to always be lacking in the financial department. The academic responsibilities of college students is very time consuming. In addition to academic responsibilities many students are involved in several other areas of campus life from sports, to sororities, and other clubs. This often leads to limited time for college students to earn an income.

Additionally many college students do not have a vehicle to use to get from campus to an off campus job. It is due to a lack of time and lack of transportation that part-time employment on campus may be a great alternative. 

Career Services Center

Most colleges have a building or office designated to Career Services. The employees of this center help senior and past graduates to find a job that puts their degree to use, but what many people do not know is that Career Services also helps students currently enrolled in college. The center often has a composate listing of the available jobs on campus, and if not they can provide direction to students about which departments typically need student employment.


 Are you particularly gifted in a certain academic area or did you really connect with the material in your Chemistry class last semester? If so tutoring may be a good way for you to find employment on campus. Working as a tutor does not mean that you must start your own tutoring business. Most colleges already have student tutoring services established on campus, and those tutoring centers will hire college students to peer tutor. Some places that you may visit to find employment as a tutor are your campus Academic Sucess Center, Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Math Lab, and Chemistry Lab. Your academic advisor may also be able to direct you to a department that could use you as a tutor. Keep in mind that to be a tutor your grades will not have to be perfect, but you will typically be required to maintain a certain grade point average and demonstrate your skills.


Students are often hired to serve as residential advisors (this position is also often referred to simply as RA). Students who are selected to fill this position will typically have to demonstrate good leadership skills as well as being a trusted and responsible student. Residential advisors will serve as mentors and overseers for an assigned group of students in a particular dorm. This position often requires more from the RA than the other students in the dorm realize. If this is a position that appeals to you contact your RA. They will be able to give you the best information about what the job actually entails and the best way to obtain the position, since it varies from campus to campus. 

Food Services

 College students seem to always be hungry and college campuses take advantage of this fact. Most college campuses now have more than just one standard cafeteria. Students interested in a job in food services can contact either the place of business itself (be in the cafeteria or on campus fast food) or most colleges also have a head of food services which can inform you if there are any open positions on campus. 


There are several other places on campuses that typically hire students that you may be interested in if you are on the hunt for a job these include but are not limited to: the library, the mail office, and the book store. 

And remember each college is different so your route of employment will be different some people you may want to considering asking for help with employment are: 

Other students employed on campus

Your Resident Advisor

Your Academic Advisor

The Financial Aid Department

Additionally many students are successful with direct sales on college campuses due to the high volume of available consumers. Some direct sales companies that students may be interested in include:




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